where to buy charcoal for bbq What Would MacGyver Do?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-02
where to buy charcoal for bbq What Would MacGyver Do?
What idiot forgot to buy a Charcoal BBQ, but there was a big bag of potato chips, another bag of cornflakes, and a bag of marshmallow for some reason?If you're watching hack my life and you can't stop and think about such a problem, it's an insignificant but interesting series that's aired on TruTV from Tuesday.You have to assume that some idiot has done this, but instead focuses on the main question: Is potato chips, cornflakes or marshmallow a better alternative to charcoal in the event of a barbecue emergency?The series, featuring Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van popuren as lively hosts, offers a variety of "life hacks": Impromptu solutions to problems, a shortcut for computer programmers to searchIn the premiere, you will also learnThe flop or scraper does a better job of removing pet hair from the sofa, there are several ways to remove the cork from the bottle without a cork, etc.Fans of the old TV series "MacGyver" using this kind of problem --Solving gimmicks as its definition can be amused, with an audience for the real core --Participation opportunities at the end of the premiere.As for these three charcoal substitutes, you will not read here which one is valid;This is going to be a spoiler.But if you are going to do this experiment yourself, it is recommended that you have a fire extinguisher on hand, as an unconventional fuel is too flammable for the grill.
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