where to buy charcoal for grill Forget Baking Soda: This Trick Is Way Better at Deodorizing Stinky Fridges

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-18
where to buy charcoal for grill Forget Baking Soda: This Trick Is Way Better at Deodorizing Stinky Fridges
It can be said that smelly food makes my cooking world "comprehensive ".I grew up with fish sauce and I learned to cook with fermented beans and vegetables and also loved to cook with them, one of the biggest garlic advocates I know...Besides my husband, thank God he has the same smell of smelly food.(Put it this way: anyone who eats stinky tofu can handle anything I might cook.), While I love some spicy kimchi stew, the thought of opening the fridge and smelling the fermented spicy cabbage,Mixed with the smell of leftover fish and the taste of fresh Parmesan cheeseLet my stomach turnI have tried some ways in the past to prevent this unpleasant smell from mixing;From the monthly baking soda cup behind the refrigerator to a closed container wrapped in plastic.But to my dismay, there was no effect...At least not yet.Thanks to the activated carbon I recently found, if I have leftovers, I can now enjoy the smelly food without worrying about the bad smell in the fridge!Why is activated carbon processed into more porous activated carbon, thereby increasing the surface area of the chemical reaction.Because activated carbon is pure carbon, it absorbs all organic molecules.Therefore, remove any unpleasant organic particles it encounters in the surrounding air.In addition to the increased surface area, activated carbon is willing to react chemically and absorb all organic molecules, which makes it a very effective deodorant.In contrast, baking soda (which is the most popular alternative) is less effective because it only targets certain scents in the refrigerator: as a compound, it changes the composition of the acidic molecules it touches in the air.However, not all the molecules that make these stinking flavors in your refrigerator are acidic;Also, the smell may be changed but not necessarily filtered.When Cook's illustrations were tested between a glass of baking soda and a glass of activated carbon in a small refrigerator, the testers agreed that the effect of charcoal was much better.Where can I buy activated carbon?Amazon is a great way to buy activated carbon in bulk, which you need if you want to keep it full --Fragrance of refrigeratorfree—Cook's illustration suggests placing 2 cups of active particles in an open container.If you prefer to buy charcoal online, your local pet store should have activated carbon particles;In addition to being a great fridge air filter, activated carbon is also a great water filter in the aquarium.Note: The test was carried out with activated carbon particles instead of activated carbon powder.I can't be sure the powder will not work very well, but I know the particles are much cheaper according to the price comparison, so the cost is higherPurchase is valid.Smell your taste later, food!Activated carbon is guaranteed to be used as a refrigerator deodorant for at least one month (possibly longer), so there is no set limitation of validity --Once your refrigerator smells a little funky again, you'll have to change it to fresh charcoal.But if you are as sensitive to a mixture of strong smells as you are, anything that guarantees to be effective, even if it is only a month or so at a time, is totally worth it.
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