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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-20
The steak is best baked.The best roast steak is sirloin, but it tends to be a bit hard.The T-The bone steak and the Porte steak are excellent cho...The steak is best baked.The best roast steak is sirloin, but it tends to be a bit hard.
The T-The bone steak and the Porte steak are good choices, and the bones inside add flavor to them.Rib-The eye steak and the ribs steak are also delicious.Filet steak is not usually going to the backyard barbecue because of the expensive price.
The thick steak is better than the thin one. Thin steak tends to form a hard shell, which interferes with the cooking inside the steak.On a pleasant summer day, there is nothing better than a backyard barbecue, and what better BBQ ingredients than a steak!When you barbecue, you 'd better choose a steak with marble patterns.
The marble pattern of the steak is a white fat fragment visible in red meat.More spots of fat;They taste better.Most of the fat will liquide when cooking, and the fat of the steak itself will give it an unbeatable taste.The basic trick to a good roast steak is not in the actual barbecue process, but in the marinade.
Immersion must be no earlier than 2-Bake for 3 hours and marinate for the night unless it's a flank steak.Acidic liquids are the best marinades such as condensed milk, lemon juice and tomato sauce;Even whiskey and wine.Marinade makes the steak tender and easier to bake.
Another important factor in the barbecue is the grill.It is wise to buy a decent charcoal and lighter liquid.Cheap varieties will burnThis will not bake the steak evenly.
Coal should be burned with a bright and stable flame and should turn white when the steak is ready to be placed on the grill.Ideally, the steak grill needs constant attention and throughout the process someone has to turn the steak next to the grill.The steak will be transferred several times depending on the type of steak used.
Usually three times is enough.
Steak lovers know that roasted steak with butter as soon as they finish, which will bring extra taste to the steak.The grilled steak does not require much decoration.It's usually enough to add a little salt and pepper.
The steak should be placed a few minutes before serving and let the juice settle down.Grilled steak is usually served with boiled potatoes, salads, and sauces such as Worcester County and mustard.Before arranging a barbecue, it is necessary to check with the local authorities as there are regulations on the use of charcoal grills in some neighborhoods.
These regulations may be about the grill that should be placed far away from the house and that someone will look after the fire a lot
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