where to buy charcoal for grill How to Grill with a wok

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-18
where to buy charcoal for grill How to Grill with a wok
Cooking food in an oriental wok is more cool than using what method?Please take a look at this if you would like to know how to do it.Woks was originally designed to come in direct contact with hot coal and you can use these steps to grill yourself in a pot.Step 1: Choose a deep and round pot instead of a flat oneBottom, long handle, made of carbon steel.The pot can keep enough heat.Tip: If you use a round iron pan, you need an iron pan ring to place the iron pan on the grill.Step 2: follow the requirements of the recipe, or make sure the cooking is even by cutting the meat and vegetables into even pieces, prepare the ingredients before cooking.Step 3: heat the pan on the hot grill before adding anything.Wait until the surface starts to release some smoke, then transport enough oil to cover the surface and heat the oil for 30 seconds.Step 4: Add ingredients in small batches.Most recipes need to be stirredFried meat or poultry before vegetables.Step 5: Stir the food by stirring with a spatula or holding the handle to keep the food in constant motion.Tip: the pan on the grill is hotter than the one on the stove, so use gloves if needed.Step 6: Listen to the hiss of sizzleListen cooking food in your pan.If the sound is slow, please slow down the stirring speed.Step 7: Continue stirring until the ingredients are ripe.Then add seasoning and serve.Did you know?To save money, a New Zealand television station uses an iron pan made of a satellite antenna to transmit signals.
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