where to buy charcoal for grill Why Buy A Webber Kettle Grill?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-19
If you need a new grill then why are you spending money on the Webb kettle grill.It's not the lightest Grill and you can't put it in the trunk of your car without removing it.They are not the cheapest. In fact, they are a little expensive.In shape, they are also called ugly by me.
But it doesn't matter because you know what?I will buy one tomorrow!Now I know my point doesn't matter, but I think the Weber kettle grill is the best thing since sliced bread and I will tell you why!You see, I run a small outdoor catering business in Spain and I live there now and you can imagine that our summer is going to be very long, so you can imagine that the barbecue season is quite long.So we can do a lot of barbecue for our clients.After cooking on quite a few grills, what really stands out is the Weber kettle grill.
Weber is the pioneer of the kettle grill, which has been made since the invention of the original kettle grill in 1951.They haven't really changed that much in the past half century, but technology has changed.They are now equipped with cooling handles made of waterproof hot plastic, ashtrays that are easy to clean, and even built-in thermometers.
They are made of heavy duty treated aluminum, so they do not rust and can be used every day.The weekend barbecue is over for only a few burgers and sausages.As a matter of fact, the Weber water pot brings a whole new culinary experience.
It uses the so-called indirect cooking system.The coal is placed on the side of the grill while the food is placed on the upper grill between the two fires.This means that there is actually no fire coming into contact with the food and it creates natural convection when the lid is down.
A big advantage of this system is that you never need to turn the meat.So as a chef, cooking on one of them is an absolute pleasure!This means that I can continue to eat other things while cooking meat.Another thing that needs to be pointed out about Weber's kettle is that the barbecue surfaces on these babies are very large.
They have different sizes until the ranch kettle, which happens to be the world's largest made BBQ kettle!It's big enough to cook a whole lamb and it takes only two hours to get the job done!For efficiency!In terms of price...Well, yes, they were a little expensive, but then they came again.So is Rolls Royce!You see you get what you give.
So if you want to bake a couple of burgers and weird pork chops, be a motherin-Please don't buy this grill with the law
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