White Rock prize home showcases the contemporary and the traditional - built in stainless steel charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-24
White Rock prize home showcases the contemporary and the traditional  -  built in stainless steel charcoal grill
The latest BC Children's Hospital chose the lottery house to stay away from all-things-
Typical beige color palette for Show home.
As a result, the atmosphere on the West Coast is amazing.
Many shades of gray, including the pastel shades of Benjamin Moore Chelsea on the wall, are used in the new 3,700-square-
Walking lottery house located on Bishop Road of Baishi.
In the living room, the gray stone fireplace is complemented by the beige engineered hardwood floors used throughout the home.
"This is a bigger plank that I really like," said Sharon Bonia of the home of Homeland Security.
"Usually I don't like the color, but it really matches the tone and texture of the whole gray.
Sandra Hartley, from the positive space, agreed.
When she purchased all the furniture from Valley Direct furniture, she carefully selected a deep gray textured velvet sofa as a showcase here.
"Everything in the House reflects the building.
There is nothing formal about this sofa and it helps to balance the room. "Said Hurtley.
The large room space on the main floor flows into the dining area from the living room and into the kitchen.
A tropical acacia wood table with live sides with some low sides
Modern style chairs and benches.
From there, the door is open to a built-in sundeck
The grill with white countertops and stainless steel doors matches the kitchen.
In the other two bedrooms, one facing the girl and the other facing the boy, the large window provides a lot of light.
Each bedroom has its own bathroom.
Lower level family room with adjustable
High Table with soft touch wood.
"There's nothing more organic than wood --
"This adds comfort," Hurtley said . ".
There are bars nearby, refrigerators and snacks, and comfortable sofas and apartments.
Screen TV with virtual reality goggles.
White Stone lottery house is located at 1502 Bishop Road.
Open every day from 11. m. to 5 p. m.
Get a lottery ticket at bcchildren's hospital BC. com.
Learn about trends: Warm Gray in neutral tones, people have said a lot about going back to beige, but Gray is still a quiet and complicated choice --
There is also a very warm one.
From the walls to the furniture, to the floor, to the silver decoration, this white rock home always presents a variety of gray tones.
The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray, the furniture is decorated with charcoal, and the master bedroom flashes silver.
"Even though it's contemporary, I still like the feeling of comfort," says Poonian.
The gray on the wall is softer than white.
The contemporary tradition combines the features of contemporary and traditional, which is both modern and eternal.
This family kitchen has a rocking bed
Stylish custom cabinets in Surrey G & B Woodcraft.
"I like modern and modern, but I also like tradition.
"When you add something traditional, it just softens everything," Poonian said . ".
Hurtley added, "The Rocking Bed cabinets are so timeless.
"Color pop: 2018 of the most popular colors include stylish tealTeal and similar green ocean tones.
Cool and warm, natural and urban, teal works well with neutral, bright, pink and metallic colors and has a big accent on the gray tone.
"I chose the teal accent as a popular color, and in the white rocks by the sea, brought in outdoor activities," Hurtley said . ".
Second Suite like many new homes, this one includes legallaw suite.
Hurtley said: "We are traditional here, using oatmeal and navy to turn our legs on a smaller scale on the furniture.
Also, Poonian added, "We didn't put the kitchen because a lot of people didn't want it.
They want the space for adult children or their parents.
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