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Consumer Affairs Editor Sean Bolt published EDT 19: 01 on November 27, 2012 | update: EDT 09: 37 on November 28, 2012, after the bill soared to a shocking new level, millions of householders plan
According to the latest data, the average bill was 587, an increase from 360 in 2008.
In the most extreme cases, householders are forced to choose between food expenditures in heating or cold weather.
Last winter, in order to reduce costs, there was no heating for all consumers for three quarters, and 90 people planned to do the same this year.
Rising prices are especially bad for older people, who are more likely to stay at home during the day and have longer heating times.
It is worrying that some people who turn off the heating to save their bills may die from the cold.
In recent weeks, five of the six biggest energy giants have raised tariffs by an average of £ 90 a year.
Due to the high wholesale prices of natural gas, further increases may be made to finance the shift from fossil fuel sources to green energy.
But there are doubts about six British Gas, energy in Scotland and the South (SSE)
Inang, EDF, nPower and Scottish Power companies are guilty of profiteering.
Now, heating accounts for an average of £ 1,344 per household per year in energy costs.
Millions of people are in a state of "lack of fuel", meaning they have to spend at least ten percent of their income on heating and heating.
The elderly are particularly vulnerable, and there is evidence that the number of deaths has risen sharply as the cold has exacerbated health problems.
In England and Wales last year, 25,700 people died in the winter months from December to the fourth month, mainly vulnerable elderly people.
Conservatively estimated that at least 1 out of 10 deaths-2,570-were caused directly by the fact that fuel poverty and people could not afford to buy heat.
The consumer website uSwitch compiled the heating bill data.
"Last winter, in order to reduce costs, there were three quarters of households without heating," the company said.
Soaring energy bills have made it possible for almost nine out of the ten households planning to supply energy quantitatively this winter.
The recent price increase for energy suppliers will increase the energy bill by £ 314,000 and plunge another household into fuel poverty.
"Many families will feel that there is no choice but to turn off the heating, and doing so will endanger their health.
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