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by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
Whoops! Ariana Grande Misspelled Her \
Everyone makes mistakes, but fans note that Ariana Grande made a more permanent mistake after showing her latest tattoo on Tuesday.
The singer has new ink on his palm.
While it should be spelled "7 rings" in Japanese (her new hit), fans note that Grande's design has actually been translated into "shichirin", a small charcoal grill.
Fortunately, Grande doesn't seem to care too much about this mistake.
"In fact, I'm missing 'should be in between, '" she said in a letterdeleted tweet.
Pain like f--
It still looks tight.
I'm not going to stick to another symbol, lmao.
But the place also peeled a lot and won't last too long, so if I miss enough time, I'll go through the whole thing next time.
She added, "and . . . . . .
A huge fan of the little grill.
"If Grande did fix the bug, it wouldn't have been the first time she had modified the tattoo.
Fans remember that the star covered up the "8418" tattoo on her feet --
This is a tribute to Pete Davidson's late father.
After she canceled her engagement with the SNL star, she paid tribute to Mac Miller.
Nor was she the first celebrity to make such a mistake.
Ed Sheeran has a tattoo that says "Galway Grill" instead of the name of his hit song "Galway Girl. "Oops.
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