why grilled meat tastes so good, according to science - the best charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
why grilled meat tastes so good, according to science  -  the best charcoal bbq grill
Do you want the steak to taste better?
Throw it on the grill and don't forget the salt.
But why does the combination of meat, charcoal and fire taste so good?
The American Society of Chemistry has some answers.
Just in time for one of the biggest barbecue days of the year, the organization produced a video explaining the wonders of the barbecue, as well as several barbecue techniques.
You can view it above.
As you read the rest of the article, we kindly ask you to read the article in the voice of Food Network star and super food geek Alton Brown.
Just better.
First, make sure your meat is red, not gray, before entering the grill.
If you want to know where red comes from, it's not blood.
As explained in the video above, a protein called Mykonos can help store oxygen in cells and cattle muscles.
The protein happens to have a red pigment, so the more Mykonos in the steak, the darker it will be.
When oxygen is released from myrodin at about 140 F and 168 F, the red becomes brown.
At 8 degrees Fahrenheit, Mykonos turns gray brown.
When the Millard reaction began
The key to making all caramel foods delicious.
In short, the Melad reaction is actually a series of reactions that occur simultaneously with amino acids and sugar.
This creates richness and Brownings.
Taste in our mouth.
The video advocates a charcoal barbecue on the basis of a gas barbecue to get the most flavor.
The charcoal and smoke on the chips create a delicious fragrance.
When the juice drops from your meat to charcoal, it creates more aromatic hydrocarbons for a large, continuous flavor wheel.
No matter what you do, don't overcook the meat.
I like my steak.
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