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by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
wine guy – grillin\' wines  -  propane gas grill with grill cover
Put me in the camp of the people who like the barbecue.
Whether it's on a propane grill in the backyard, carefully curated on charcoal, or even burnt on a campfire, I appreciate the amazing taste of the barbecue food.
I'm not talking about protein alone.
Put anything on the grill, from vegetables and fruits to pizza, and even cheese, for a delicious transition.
This makes wine matching interesting, as the smoke from the scones and barbecues leads to some interesting and interesting considerations when choosing a bottle to use with the meal.
2014 rosé, BC, Township 7 ($17.
38. limited availability)
Is there any better BBQ wine than rosé?
I'm willing to debate a bottle. by-
The bottle is based, but in general, when it comes to matching multiple foods on the grill, it's hard to beat rosé.
Township 7 latest vintage pink Juicy
Up, there are good berry aromas and strong but crisp finish. Mostly Merlot (95%)
With Muscat (5%)
The rich fruit of this wine is very good against BBQ char, and its acidity goes through any barbecue oil.
A few days ago, this multi-purpose bottle was perfectly matched with a whole bottle
From sausage to tandori chicken wings to full roastloaded burgers.
Bottom line: B "versatile rose.
2013 original, Portugal ($8. 79, 25262)
What is the secret of a delicious daily BBQ wine?
It must be fruity but fresh, red or white (or pink).
This must also be reasonable, otherwise the "daily" qualifier is invalid.
This is an original wine like Periquita that offers a lot of personality for less than $10.
Three grapes (
Castle (castcadeira) and Aragonez (Aragonez)
Working together in this Portuguese portfolio, it creates a plush but vibrant style paired with countless daily scones ranging from chicken burgers to rack steaks.
Bottom line: B "drips per day.
"2012 de Barbi, Mende, minerworth, France ($17. 49, 928531)
If your barbecue is a start
Big thing, say a roast lamb leg or coal pit
Buried on the side of the beef, then it's time to get the big beef outtime reds.
When this happens, I often find myself drawn to the south of France and attracted to a bottle like Domaine de Babio Minervois.
This strong mixture of Syrah and Carignan is a force that cannot be ignored;
Hide the beautiful, bright, dark pomegranate colors of ripe fruits and delicious herbal wine bombs.
It hits the taste buds like a guard with an elegant foot.
Bottom line: B "full-on yet elegant.
"Whirlpool: Top Drop Vancouver celebrating" Terroir and Craft "will return to Vancouver on September 10 and 11 th.
Focus on terroir-
Influenced and handmade by wine, beer and cider, this year's event hosted the "top Dinner Series" at many top restaurants on Thursday, September 10 "(
Edible croissants Canada, Cinara, Bistro)
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Contact James: wine @ halfaglass. comwww. twitter.
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