wine guy: grilling wines for summer bbq season - bbq charcoal on sale

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
wine guy: grilling wines for summer bbq season  -  bbq charcoal on sale
Oh, wow.
Already in the middle.
We haven't even had an annual mandatory barbecue wine discussion in July.
It has been such a summer, though.
A hopeful season begins
So far, July has proven to be a mixed package. But, whatever.
The intermittent weather made BC beautiful
The real barbecue is a state of mind, not a cloudless state.
So here are some ideas for mixing wine with a barbecue this summer.
Kono 2014 Pino Gries, New Zealand ($14. 99, 472225)
There are two basic strategies when paired with white wine and BBQ food.
You either go to a super crispy and acidic place to cut the coke, or embrace the richness of the fat protein with the same strong wine.
After a couple of seasons of light and fresh, I turned to the latter, New Zealand's Pinot Grimes provided a crisp Italian Pinot Grimes
For example, look at the PG of Kono. it's golden.
Color and taste
It is coated with layers of floral fragrance, rich pear fruit and twisted honey texture.
Pour this with the "beer can" chicken on the grill or any chicken.
Bottom line: B "strong Beno Gries.
"Evolution 2015 Ross, BC ($16. 99, 281899)
Do we need to make rose one more thing?
Let's all agree that pink wine has a place on the table, let alone admit that rosé is a deadly barbecue wine.
Not rocket science;
Delicious rosé wine rich red wine brings the freshness of white winea primo food-pairing combo.
Evolve's latest vintage rose wine embodies an amazing spirit. Off-
This bright pink blend is full of Berry and melon flavors, fresh, fruity and of course easy to access.
Bring grilled fish and seafood or hamburgers.
The bottom line is: B "Juicy, delicious.
2014 Reserva tanat, Argentina ($12. 99, 104018)
Of course, it's a time for wine and barbecue-
It's a glorious tradition, and for inspiration, I don't have to look any further than some charcoal and a bottle of Argentinian wine.
Check out any of Francis Malman's "fires"
Themed cooking books, not typical Malbeck, why not pour out the delightful tanat of Finca Las Moras?
This is another bold red grape that is full of plush dark fruits and wood in this case
It tastes like toast and vanilla.
This is a great choice if your future is ribs or BBQ Sauce (Good price).
Bottom line: B "sticky finger wine.
"Whirlpool: Argentine wine in B. C.
Speaking of Argentine wine, it will save some money this month.
Argentina's long wine focus at BC. Liquor Stores.
Along with the province-wide wine tasting, many different bottles from Argentina were on display in July (
Including Tannat above)
Many people sell for $1
$2 for general retail.
For full details, check out bcliquorstores. com.
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