woman proud of horrible tan - grill gas

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woman proud of horrible tan  -  grill gas
Local resident Stacy Nielsen is very proud of her 28-year-old deep, dark, horrible sunbathingyear-
The old sales assistant revealed on Tuesday.
"I 've been trying to get some rays all summer," Nelson said, threatening to catch some rays with her big smile --dried, rusty-orange face.
"It's not like you can lie down at any time.
In order to get a tan, you have to know when to get the tan and when to expose it.
"Nielsen often advises colleagues on the right flip procedure, sunbathing oil and skin moisturizers.
"I think you can call tanning my addiction," Nelson added . " He went through a leg like a hot dog forgotten on a gas grill.
"But I can't bear to look like a ghost.
Despite not taking a vacation this summer, Nielsen managed to "get a little color", leaving a deep impression on her colleagues at Reliant consumer health products.
"Stacy looks great," said sales colleague Judy Haskins, who ignored the apparent peeling and discoloration of the Nelson skin, which may have been intended to unconsciously cope with the growing reptiles of her colleagues.
"I just don't know how she found her time.
I think, unlike me, she has the skin color that the sun likes.
"Haskins is not the only one who compares his light skin to Nielsen's withered shell.
"I thought I was getting sunburned, but I was two shades lighter in bistici," said Don Locke, whose eyes stared at the sandpaper skin shown in Nielsen's clothing.
"Stacy, just call me if you need my help to apply sunscreen on your back.
Stretched out her arms to cover her head, revealing her terrible burning --
Och armpits in the sun
Rape Nielsen is associated with some of the techniques used by sunloungers that can age their skin prematurely and increase their risk of skin cancer.
"If the sun comes out, I will take a few shots at lunch time," Nelson said . ".
"Then, if I had a little time after work, I would drive to the lake and relax on the dock with Diet Coke.
Of course, I often bask in the sun on weekends-
At home and on the shore.
I made sure I was outside during peak hours.
It's not easy for me to get sunburned, so I don't need to apply sunscreen.
Nelson said she is looking forward to taking a Caribbean cruise with her boyfriend in January.
"It would be great to leave Wisconsin," leather --handbag-
Like Nelson said.
"By the time of the year, I had faded and it was embarrassing.
Nelson added: "I don't want to look bad on the first day on the beach, so I should probably use a sun-free tanning lotion before I go . "
Like the golden hair on her finger. Dr.
Helen Rasmussen of Rochester
A clinical psychologist specializing in sun
Related psychological disorders attribute Nelson's enthusiastic cultivation of her horrible skin to what she calls a widespread phenomenon of "climate over compensation syndrome.
"People living in cold areas are often plagued by their climate," Rasmussen said . ".
"So we see people in floral costumes
In the unusually warm weather of February and short shots of sorority sisters in Michigan, printed shorts always seem to blend in plastic leis and Wayfarer shades.
Climate over-compensation syndrome causes the public to be exposed along mosquitoes
Plagued by the Minnesota lake, and the popular Key West screen saver in Illinois.
A statement by Nielsen's boyfriend, hardware.
Curt Kleis, store manager, seems to support Rasmussen's theory.
"When we have a chance, I will stay out with my beach rabbit as much as possible," Kleis said . " He used a name, which means Nelson is a madman, charming sunkissed maiden.
"Winter will come before we know it, we will be trapped inside and do nothing.
"We will definitely return to the nude beach in matsumani a few more times," Kleis said in a blink of an eye . " He did not notice the disgusting effects of his words.
"Stacy wants to be in her all-
If you understand what I mean.
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