wood burning fire pit grill Building an Open Pit Fireplace Indoors

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-12
wood burning fire pit grill Building an Open Pit Fireplace Indoors
Allowing a 360-The open air fireplace can see the extent of the fire, and there is a bonfire atmosphere inside.The construction of the outdoor open-air fireplace is far less complicated than the task of bringing the fireplace to the interior, because in order to make the fire pit inside safe, more safety precautions must be handled.Bringing a fire pit into the interior requires the construction of a chimney or Hood system to prevent heat from causing damage to the roof or causing a fire.
Glass or screen fires around the pit also protect the room from sparks.When carrying a fire pit indoors, you should choose a safe and suitable place in advance.Fire pits should be kept away from flammable items and placed in areas where a chimney or fire cover can be constructed to the ceiling to drain heat and prevent heat damage or fire.
Once the pit mat, slate or brick is in place, the pit can be built on any floor surface.The covering will protect the ash from falling directly on the floor and has the potential to cause a fire.Once the shield is in place, a stone or wall is built in a circle to form the shape of the pit.
The wall height is not less than 1 1/2 feet and the height is not less than 3 or 4 feet.These pieces or stones can be purchased at the hardware store and are easily assembled together and should be glued together with mortar.The walls of the fire pit can also be formed by elastic metals such as steel or copper.
Once the fire pit wall is formed, steel lining is installed to protect the brick from excessive heat and premature deterioration.Inside the lining and above the pit pad, the pit is filled with 6-One-inch gravel layer.Gravel adds further protection to the floor below and helps prevent dust from spreading easily into the air.
Because the open air is now indoors, the heat and ash generated cannot float freely in the air, so a chimney or fire cover needs to be placed above the pit.The chimney or hood shall be made of refractory materials such as metal, bricks or stones and shall create a passage for the smoke to walk out of the house.Usually, people choose to lay a glass or mesh between the fire cover and the fire pit to prevent the fire from flying away from the ash and prevent the little guy from being injured.
In order to sit directly on the ground, some fire pits were built and a hole was required to be dug on the floor.This design helps to enter the Ashes and rain of the ground through the chimney, not the floor of the rotten home.Ashes should be removed regularly to prevent dust, and it should be checked frequently to see if it is possible for a chimney or fire cover to cause unwanted fires easily.
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