wood burning fire pit grill How to Build an Asado Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-13
wood burning fire pit grill How to Build an Asado Grill
On the grill, a slow roast on a wood-burning fire is one of the best ways to cook fresh beef, chicken or fish.The barbecue not only brings delicious taste to the food, but also provides a pleasant and interesting cooking experience.In Latin America, it is a popular way of cooking for ordinary people and high-end restaurants, known as asado.
Argentinian in particular, they are known for their expertise in barbecue.Luckily, there is no need to go to asado grill for fresh and delicious food.You can make your own grill at home.Buy big v-Your local nursery supply shop's clay plant jars and three clay feet for the basin to sit, and the clay feet are kept a few inches from the ground for ventilation.
Be sure to choose a double paneled pan made of the Terracotta Warriors of Italy to ensure that a durable high-quality grill that does not break is often used.Buy two round metal grills designed for grilling.A larger Grill will be used as an actual cooking surface, and a smaller Grill will be used as a surface to place charcoal below.
Align the clay basin feet, evenly arranged in triangles, wide enough so that the bottom of the plant basin can be placed on the feet.Place the pot on top of 3 feet.The pot foot is used to keep the plant basin off the ground for air circulation, and the fire sucks the air through the drain hole.Insert the smaller metal grill into the pot.
The size of the grill should be slightly larger than the bottom diameter inside the plant pan, so that the grill stays a little above the bottom of the pan and does not flush the bottom with the inside.Place the larger metal grill on top of the pot.The size of this grill should be like this, and the grill will not rest far away from the pan, but, at the very top, only a few inches away from the top edge or lip of the jar.
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