wood burning fire pit grill How to Fill a Fire Pit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-13
wood burning fire pit grill How to Fill a Fire Pit
The fire pit makes the warm entertainment space in the backyard not only provide heat and a comfortable environment, but also can be used for cooking.Because fire pits must be properly built and filled with wood, it is important to learn the best way to reduce the risk of triggering a wildfire.According to Arizona State Park, most fires are caused by fires that cross the edge of the fire pit.
Strong winds and unattended fires are additional causes of many fires.Fill your fire pit safely for evening outdoor enjoyment.Lay the fire pit you are using by placing bricks end-to-end in the required size and shape.
If you need to cut a brick to fit the fire pit, use 3-Cold chisels and hammers in inches.Place the brick on one side and mark with a pencil where it needs to be cut.Knock the chisel into the brick until it cracks.
When digging a ditch for a fire pit, dig 12 inch deep and wide as bricks.Lay the bricks in the trenches to make sure they fit.Take them out and fill the trenches with 6 inch gravel.
Wrap the gravel down with manual tampering so the surface is even.Lay the bricks on the gravel.Find out if they are horizontal to each other by using a level.Apply the masonry adhesive on the top of the brick.
Stack the next brick at the top of the first level.Increase the rating depending on how high you want your fire pit to be.Fill the fire pit with 6 inch gravel.Make sure your gravel is uniform.Avoid filling too much gravel in the fire pit, because this will cause potential safety hazards.
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