wood burning fire pit grill How to Use an Outdoor Fire Pit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-14
wood burning fire pit grill How to Use an Outdoor Fire Pit
A fire pit makes the backyard a focal point, warm and inviting.While the flame is fascinating, accompanied by the smell of smoke and the sound of crack crackling, the warmth of the fire pit also makes it possible to start outdoor entertainment early in the spring of each year and extend to the fall.Like any household accessories or appliances that involve a fire, you need to be very careful.
Place 15 feet or more fire pits from your home, garage, storage room or any structure that may catch fire.Don't put it under the covered porch or under the low branches.Don't put it on a wooden deck unless you have a brick, flat stone or heatEnter the protected fire pit mat under the fire pit.
Remove dry leaves, dry grass, branches, or any other flammable debris from the general area of your fire pit.Connect the hose to the work tap, which is long enough to reach your fire pit from the tap and can be opened immediately upon notification.Fill the bucket or other large container with water and place it near the fire pit.
If a large container is too heavy to lift once it is filled with water, please use a few smaller containers.Place the metal grate on the brazier and put a crumpled newspaper, cardboard or commercial fire --Start sticking to the top of the grate.Put a small pile of fire on it and light a newspaper, cardboard or fire with a match --The start under the fire is great.
After the fire, put a few firewood on the fire.Do not use kerosene, lighters, gasoline or any other flammable liquid to ignite your fire.Cover the fire pit on the fire.The lid prevents sparks from coming out and burning people or objects.
Remove the lid and carefully add more firewood as needed to keep the fire burning.Don\'t over-Pile the fire up or make the fire bigger than the bowl.Always replace the lid.Use fireplace poker with hooks, a fire-Proof gloves, or both when opening and closing the lid.
When you are ready to put out the fire, sprinkle the coal out as much as possible.Use shovel or fireplace poker in this task and act carefully.Pour the water carefully on all the coal.Extinguish all the afterfire, especially before leaving home or before going to bed at night.
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