wood burning fire pit grill How to Use Citronella Oil for Outdoor Fire Pits

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-13
wood burning fire pit grill How to Use Citronella Oil for Outdoor Fire Pits
Outdoor BBQ or in the evening, outdoor BBQ can add to the atmosphere.Fire pits are becoming more and more popular as a way to bring open fires to such incidents.In addition, the owner often burns citronella oil in torches or oil lamps to repel insects.
Some people may want to know how to combine the environment of the fire pit with insects.Quality of citronella lamps.A simple solution would be to put the citronella oil lamp inside the fire pit instead of burning it with wood or other fuel.Make your fire pit cold and clean.Remove any ash, coal or unconsumed fuel.Scrub with warm soapy water and rinse with clear water.
Let it dry completely.
Repair any holes and make any necessary repairs.Or buy a new fire pit.Place the fire pit away from flammable materials.Avoid placing it on a dry grass or wooden deck.
It is best to put it on a stone terrace or cement board.Leave a few feet of clearance around the pit.Remove the lid and screen of the fire pit and place one or more outdoor citronella lamps in the basin.
They must be level.
Before adding the lights, put a layer of sand at the bottom of the fire pit to increase stability.Fill the citronella oil lamp with the oil quantity recommended by the manufacturer.Don't fill them in too much.Adjust the wick of the lamp to make the flame visible happily, but not too high.
Consult the lighting instructions.
The wick of the fuel lamp at the beginning of the activity.The oil light will provide a pleasant flame for hours.Turn off the oil light at the end of the activity.
Most oil lamps have their own oil-absorbing lamps.In all cases, the method recommended by the manufacturer is used.Before replacing the screen and lid on your fire pit, make the oil light completely cold.
Cover the pit to prevent the rain from being absorbed by the oil lamp core
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