wood charcoal briquettes A Heated Discussion - tips for safer grilling

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-03
wood charcoal briquettes A Heated Discussion - tips for safer grilling
There is nothing more about summer than the smell of barbecue.Barbequeing is a deep-rooted part of our culture-gathering and having barbecue with family and friends.But there's danger lurking in your burger and stew!In recent years, researchers have found that barbecue and cooking meat at high temperatures can have a serious negative impact on health and the environment, which is more serious when barbecuing on charcoal.
Every time we eat a barbecue or "uh-We have had a negative impact on our cell activity.Our cells undergo mutations, which means they cause mutations in cells above normal levels.Mutagen can also cause cancer, which means they can cause cancer.
Here is some evidence that charcoal barbecues are not only harmful to your health, but also have a negative impact on the environment.* Barbecue meat forms two potential carcinogenic compounds: HCAs (cyclic amine) and aromatic hydrocarbons (aromatic hydrocarbons) when fat in meat drops onto charcoal ).Then, as the smoke rises, hydrocarbons are deposited on the meat.
They also form directly when the meat is burnt.It is a mutagen that may increase the risk of some cancers.The meat itself (including the muscles of beef, poultry, fish, etc.
) is cooked to produce HCAs.
When amino acids (components of proteins) and creatine (a chemical found in muscles) react at a high temperature cooking temperature, HCAs are formed.Researchers have identified 17 different HCAs, which are cooked from muscle meat and can pose a risk of human cancer.** Cancer risk: there is no measure of how much HCAs or PAH must be consumed in order to increase cancer risk, and there are no specific guidelines for eating foods containing HCAs and PAH.
However, there have been recent studies evaluating the relationship with the methods of cooking meat and the development of specific types of cancer.The researchers found that people who eat beefwell or well-Done is more than three times the risk of stomach cancer than those who eat beef.rare.They also found that people who eat beef 4 or more times a week are at more than twice the risk of stomach cancer as people who don't eat beef regularly.
More studies have shown that increased risk of colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer is associated with high intake in a healthy dietGrilled, fried, or grilled meat.So, if you eat roast fat every day, then your risk of cancer is playing with fire.If you only eat barbecue once a month, then your risk is quite low.
Otherwise, enjoy it.
..As long as you follow the guidelines below when grilling or grilling meat.* BBQ meat causes the formation of age/ALEsProduct and advanced grease endProducts that help grow olderChronic inflammatory diseases associated with it, such as artheras, diabetes, aging, asthma, arthritis, chronic renal failure, etc.When protein or fat binds to sugar without water, Age forms during cooking.
Aging can cause food to harden and change color during cooking.As a result, Brown foods that appear during barbecue, baking and barbecue can lead to the formation of toxic late-stage mashing products, and cooking and steaming can prevent the formation of these products.After taking these foods, our body has a further interaction with neighboring proteins, forming a pathological link between proteins, called age crossing.
Thus, the damage to tissues and DNA significantly promotes the aging process.These complications are due to increased tissue hardness, collagen cross-linking, abnormal accumulation of protein, membrane shedding and dysfunction, and eventual damage to cells, tissues and organs.The real bad news is that over time our bodies will gradually age.
* Burning charcoal produces hydrocarbons that are harmful to our health and environment-these particles enter the air, attach to dust particles, and eventually deposit in the soil, rivers and lakes.They have moderate to high toxicity to aquatic organisms and birds and can cause damage and death to crops.They also bio-accumulate -This means that the concentration of fish and shellfish will be much higher compared to the aquatic environment.
More and more people are using their charcoal grills more and more frequently, each time contributing to the accumulation of hydrocarbons on our planet.* Tiny soot particles are released into the air, which can exacerbate problems in the heart and lungs (warning: Don't be in yom Ha'atzmaut-Especially if you have a lung or heart disease!) * A piece of charcoal is made of burnt wood, which can cause deforestation and thus worsen greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.* Charcoal coal balls contain additives such as coal dust, starch, sodium nitrate, limestone and borax, and some even contain lighter fluids-absolutely unhealthy!The exact impact on these substances is not yet conclusive, but do you really want to burn chemical additives in food?As my husband learned in pilot classesIf there is any doubt, there is no doubt.
Many people also say that this coal ball makes the food taste interesting.Mmmm.How to reduce the mutation of cooked meat: 1.Changes in cooking methods-fried, barbecue and barbecue produce more mutation activity.
However, stewing, steaming, and poaching are almost non-invasive.Baking and baking are variable.2.Reduce cooking temperature-increasing the temperature of cooking, frying and grilling can significantly increase the mutation activity.For example, raising the temperature of fried beef at 200 ℃ to 250 ℃ can increase the mutation activity by six or seven times.
It may be easier to control heat using a gas grill compared to a charcoal grill.3.Eat less meat-it's not a big deal!Most non-The content of the mutagen in meat food is lower than that in meat.Vegetables and fruits can also be protected by providing antioxidants and other protective substances.
Marinate meat before cooking-marinate meat and poultry in any kind of marinade, reducing HCAs by nearly 90% even a few minutes before cooking (always marinate meat in the fridge, to prevent from growing, do not add uncooked marinade to cooked meat or poultry ).5.Do not grill the frozen meat-when the frozen meat is barbecued, the outside of the meat is exposed to high temperature, while the inside of the meat is still cold, thus prolonging the cooking time and increasing the mutation.6.Cook faster with small pieces of barbecue-small pieces of meat, and less time for HCAs to form.
Avoid well-Some people like the taste of crispy and burnt meat.The burnt meat contains the most HCAs and should be completely avoided (see Black Burger again!).8.Don't burn meat on the grillThe smoke contains the concentration of carbon monoxide.
Cooking meat away from the heat source-this prevents excessive cooking and burning of food.10.Don't let the flame touch the meat-this will burn the meat.11.Use a foil drip tray-smoke generated by fat drops on a heat source produces carcinogens and is then absorbed by food.
Use a drip tray to prevent fat from reaching coal or flames.12.Don't eat those black things.If the meat does burn, cut it off as much as possible, or throw away the leather it has become!13.Turn the meat over with pliersThe fork breaks the meat, causing the juice to flow out and burn.
Buy low-Cut fat in meat-reduce fat as much as possible.Use low-fat marinade and do not use sugar or honey marinade as sugar or honey can lead to aging.Cut off fat and skin before grilling.15.Pre-cooked meat-bake, boil or microwave meat first, and then add a little flavor on the grill at the end (just for the record, I don't use microwave myself, but this is another discussion-however, microwave meat before grilling can significantly reduce PCBs and HCAs --Microwave meat for 2 minutes before cooking has 90-Percentage reduction in HCA content.
In addition, if the liquid formed during the microwave process is dumped before further cooking, the number of HCAs will eventually decrease ).In conclusion, the best way to reduce the formation of these annoying substances on our meat is to keep the heat low and the cooking time is short (to reach the temperature of no spoiled food can kill any potential bacteria ), minimize the burning of fat and the production of smoke, avoid burnt or cooked meat, and reduce the frequency of indulging in carnival activities.Or become a vegetarian and eat some grilled vegetables!.
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