wood charcoal briquettes Why I Prefer Lump Wood Charcoal

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-02
wood charcoal briquettes Why I Prefer Lump Wood Charcoal
The history and tradition of charcoal burning can be traced back thousands of years ago, and there are some magical things to cook on the charcoal grill.Charcoal is the traditional fuel for a barbecue because it produces hot, longAlmost a long-lasting fire without smoking.The basis of charcoal manufacturing is to burn wood at low temperaturesOxygen atmosphere, a process of discharging moisture and volatile gases present in the original fuel.
The elimination of moisture reduces the weight of the fuel by up to 70%, and the resulting burnt material is also much longer than the original wood burn.Charcoal is from preWe know this is due to the discovery of an ancient object in a melting glacier in the Austrian Alps.The scientists traced the man's body back about 5,000 years ago and found him carrying a small box of burnt wood wrapped in leaves.
Scientists infer that the burnt wood may be burning, and what the man will use to make a fire, because he does not carry any other materials of fire, such as Flint, other than this box.Even 6,000 years ago, charcoal was the preferred fuel for smelting copper, even when the 17th-century charcoal was replaced by Coke, so was iron.Charcoal is also popular in many other industries, mainly because there are a large number of forests in many areas and the processing process makes it a sustainable resource.
In this era of global warming, there are things we should consider-many environmental activists believe that wood and charcoal are carbon neutral because trees can grow and absorb greenhouse gases.Charcoal has been used for home heating and maybe we should start using it more in chimineas instead of gas-driven patio heaters?The final transition from heating and industrial fuels to charcoal for selected casual cooking materials takes place around 1920 of Henry Ford's charcoal forming fuel.It turns out that the business is very profitable for Ford, as charcoal coal balls are made from scrap wood from a car factory, and his sideline also encourages people to use their cars for a picnic at leisure-this isIn fact, charcoal grills and Ford Charcoal are also sold at Ford dealers.
The Retort method is used to make charcoal coal balls, which include the delivery of wood through a series of fireplaces or ovens, and the main revolution is that it is a continuous process, instead of having to make in a discrete way the same mass production as the traditional lumpwood charcoal.The traditional charcoal production method is to pile the wood in the pyramid and cover it with dirt, turf or ashes, leaving a vent at the bottom and a chimney at the top.The wood is then lit, allowing to burn slowly, and once completed, the vents are covered so that the pyramid cools down.
I think the benefits of coal block manufacturing are attractive to manufacturing businessmen, but there are some magic things about mass production of block wood charcoal.The different stages of the process are represented by smoke of different colors because the moisture is drained and there is a skill to pass from the father to the son.Maybe I'm too sentimental, but whenever I cook with charcoal, I always feel that the knowledge that the traditional industry is spreading is safe.
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