You can find the 'Serbian grill queen' of Toronto at Bonimi - commercial outdoor barbecue grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
You can find the \'Serbian grill queen\' of Toronto at Bonimi  -  commercial outdoor barbecue grill
Six years ago, a friend of mine encouraged me to check out a Serbian restaurant on etobiko brostsi Street.Her words —more or less—They said: "The food here is not the same as the other Balkan restaurants in Toronto.Everything is in-house.This reminds me of my mother's cooking."So I bookmarked the bonemi restaurant for a future visit.Suresh doss é clairs is the "best in town" for Toronto CorktownSuresh DossYou Roselle dessert, and in a few months you can find me at the Hungarian restaurant on the upper beach for lunch at the restaurant.I was hungry and impatient so I didn't spend much time browsing the menu.I ordered the takeaway soon.Dish I, grilled, cylindricalKebab in shape, usually served with flat bread and sliced onion.When you use the right meat mixture (ground beef and lamb) and spices and cook at high temperatures, it produces a juicy, delicious kebab that is addictive.While I was waiting for the ić evapi, a group of guests came to the restaurant.I noticed that each of them took the time to walk behind the restaurant and say hello to the chef.Soon after, an iron plate entered the room from the kitchen, and the meat crack from the grill snapped.The room was full of smoke and outdoor barbecue.Then, the vić evapi arrived.Delicious-Some of the best cheese I 've ever had in the city.Halfway through lunch, a young gentleman came over and asked me how my meal was.I replied, "that's great. thank you .""That's good.But why did you order the ić evapi?" he asked.I replied, "I want to eat very much. someone recommended it to me ."."I would like to say that we are known for some other dishes," he said ."."But that's not what we do best."The man, who is a football player in akanadi, is now in charge of directing and managing family restaurants."Bonimi is a family surgery, but the real core is my mother.It's all about my mother, Nada, "said Nikolai.I want to say that I have been here for years to discover the food of the boss and chef Nada Paunicunequivocally—She's the Serbian barbecue Queen in Toronto.Nada and her husband moved to Canada in 2001 with their three children.At first, they were in P.E.I.But they finally settled in Toronto."There is a great Serbian and Balkan community in general," said Nikola .".Back home, Nada was recognized in the community for her culinary ability.As long as he remembers, Nikolai said, his mother was honored as a great driller.Before deciding to open its own restaurant in 2010, Nada worked in some Greek restaurants in Etobicoke for a while."It's a family decision," Nikola said ."."We wanted to bring our own food to Toronto and we wanted to support our mom's passion."In bonimi you will find a lot of traditional Serbian dishes, from the shopska salad to the stuffed flatbread.I saw the locals order a variety of fried meat chops from the menu.But in my opinion, to really understand Nada's commitment to cooking from scratch, you have to try a dish from the grill menu.Is the Suresh DossThis Stoney Creek store serving delicious and spicy Mexican tortasSuresh DossWant real Bengali?The order of caterpljeskavica of this Regent's Park, often touted as the national dish of Serbia, is a very large meatloaf with raw onions and cold mixIt looks like an oversized burger pie without bread, but much more than that.At Bonimi, Nadabutchers meat.For pljeskavica, she cuts the shoulders of pork, veal and beef, and grinds them with spices and onions.She then massaged the minced meat, flattened like a pizza, sprinkled on the chili flakes, and added a layer of white cheese and a layer of pickled ham.After folding the meat and sealing the edges, Nada baked the meat cake on a high temperature grill."This is where you get a kiss from the grill," she said .".This dish can be intimidating when it reaches the table.You will be hit by a wave of smoke and a smell of barbecue fire.Hot cheese oozes out when you cut it into the meat.Together, dance between smoke, fat and cream of cheese.I haven't eaten raw onions and coleslaw on my plate for years, but they do have a strong acidity and sweetness.I suggest you take a look.See between meat and vegetables for a full Bonimi experience.
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