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by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-10
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You don't need these barbecue accessories to get the job done, but they do make the work more fun and easy. Look around.
Search on Amazon.
There are many barbecue accessories outside.
From a pit stand specially designed for grilling to a 36-hole Mexican braces, you can find anything.
I love BBQ and I have tried a lot of this accessory over the years so I decided to share my experience with you all.
I will review the most useful and cool ones so you can make an informed decision about what to buy or not to buy.
Ready-made Grill accessories: The Grill is the grill first . . . . . . I am not sure if it is considered an accessory.
Basically, I have experience with three kinds of grill.
There are charcoal, gas and electric grills.
Even if some people smoke, I don't put smokers on my BBQ list.
Let's take a look at each grill in the opposite order.
Electric grills are perfect for Indoor grilling, they certainly have their own use, but as far as I'm concerned they are unwanted stepbrothers in the world of grilling.
Things about fire make the barbecue another world.
The fat on the charcoal or gas grill falls into the hot source and evaporates before adding flavor through the meat.
On the electric grill, they are arranged in the pan.
There is no need to refuel the advageselectric grill.
These grills are a quick and clean grill.
These grills are usually small.
You don't need to go out for a barbecue if it's too cold.
There is little waiting time for the grill to be ready.
These grills are relatively cheap.
Cons if the weather is good, you don't have to go outside, the food baked on the electric grill does not taste the same as the food baked on other types of grills.
In my opinion, the gas grill is the middle ground between the grill purist and the electric grill enthusiast. It’s easy.
You just need to turn the knob of propane or natural gas and light the grill like a kitchen stove.
The fire you light heats the "rock" in the grill, which is like a charcoal grill.
These grills can have many functions, such as side burner or electric grill series for cooking other foods.
The advantage of these grills is that the cooking speed is fast and clean.
There is a wide supply of fuel.
You ran out of fuel.
Although people think I'm lying, I usually find a slight smell of fuel in the food I cook on the gas grill. No wood flavor.
Charcoal grills have learned to like traditional charcoal grills since childhood.
My father also loves the grill, using wood or charcoal on the grill, let me tell you this is the best way to grill.
Yes, it's slower, but it's a barbecue, not a commute. Take your time.
Enjoy the tradition.
Let's go back to the roots of our cave people, which for me greatly improved the whole process.
You can't beat the taste and fun of the barbecue on a charcoal grill.
The AdvantagesCharcoal grill is great and the wood tastes good.
Slow processes bring a better experience.
It is easy to find charcoal and can be replaced with almost any hard wood to add fun and taste.
These grills are simple and cheap.
Another awesome advantage of the charcoal grill is the very low cost portable charcoal grill. (
Read how to portable grill here)
It's a tradition for me.
I look forward to teaching my son the steps to prepare charcoal or wood for a fire, how to know when everything is ready, etc.
This is a huge advantage for me.
It is not a difficult process to make the Charcoal BBQ gentle, nor is it all slow, but it is much slower than the gas or electric grill.
In my opinion, the charcoal grill can't go wrong.
Try it if you don't believe me!
Barbecue accessories: meat thermometers for those who have been grilling for a while or usually only Grill one food, you may not need a meat thermometer.
To make sure every piece of meat is perfect, I like to use a thermometer.
I used the digital and analog meat thermometer and I really don't have a preference other than the battery never ran out on the analog thermometer.
The meat thermometer is very simple to use.
You just have to insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, as this is the longest part of the time it takes to complete the cooking.
After you place the thermometer, you wait 30 to 45 seconds and start reading.
This is a guide to different meat temperatures.
This is just a guideline.
Be careful with poultry and pork, as these meats may carry diseases, so eat them in large quantities often.
Chicken: thigh 175 to 185 °F beef: rare of 120 to 135 °F medium rare of 135 to 145 °F medium of 145 to 155 °F medium of 155 to 165 °F baked brittle (AKA well done)
16 ° flamb above: 120 ° to 145 ° F below 145 ° Pork above: always cook Pork until 155 ° to 165 ° appropriate.
Following this temperature guide, you will no longer have complaints about "my unfinished" or "my too dry.
Grill accessories: make the right utensils on the grill, you need some utensils.
Don't use a kitchen fork unless you don't want hair on your fingers and hands.
It really makes you look like an amateur.
The good news is that there are not so many utensils, most of them are very cheap despite some high-end styles, and you can stick with them for a long time with just a little care.
Brush the grill you don't want the rusty dirty grill to spoil the taste of the food, so you need a good brush to clean the grill.
The trick to making your life simple and keeping the grill in its best condition is to clean the grill after you have finished cooking and the grill is still warm.
In my experience, most people leave all the food parts and rubbish on the grill until their next BBQ . . . . . . This is not the practice of professionals.
This will rust and will eventually ruin your grill.
Tonstongs is the most useful appliance.
You will notice that there is not a fork on my list. Forks are bad.
The fork pierced the seal you carefully made (
I teach you how to seal meat in another article)
Put all the juice out.
All the food I made on the grill was done with pliers.
I already told you that I don't have a fork or a spatula.
If that's the case, you don't have to buy those "complete" BBQ sets, and you can buy some good pliers with that money.
Grill accessories: Chimney charcoal starter charcoal is not that difficult, but charcoal starter makes it all easier.
When you are ready to start your barbecue experience, just follow these steps and you can get a lot of charcoal or even heat throughout the barbecue.
First: clean up all the old Ashes.
If you have a pile of ashes around your charcoal because the air doesn't cycle properly, it will make it harder for the charcoal to cycle correctly.
Second: use enough charcoal.
This is a common rookie mistake and you usually have to learn through experience.
Make sure you can cover the entire BBQ area to make sure that there are no parts in the grill that don't cook as quickly as other grills do.
Third: take your chimney charcoal starter.
All you need is charcoal, newspapers and matches.
You put the newspaper in the lower part of the chimney and fill it almost (
About 2 inch away)
Put it on top with charcoal.
Then simply light the newspaper at the bottom.
Make sure you have enough newspapers and you should be ready.
Within 15 minutes (
Probably less so don't go anywhere)
You should start to see the flames coming out of the top.
When you see it, pile the charcoal together.
At this point, you can add more charcoal if you have a big grill, but usually it's easy for you to get started.
This is the best way I have found to burn your charcoal.
Do not use the lighter liquid as you can taste it.
Barbecue accessories: The Last vegetable basket that must be owned on the list of barbecue accessories is the vegetable basket.
I like grilled vegetables.
I don't understand why so many people don't use this heat to bake some delicious vegetables.
The problem is that some vegetables fell off the grill.
The basket is made to prevent this from happening.
It's just a metal basket, but is it useful?
These are essential items for the world of barbecue accessories.
From the steak brand for personalized grilling to the pot rack, and more, I 've used some BBQ accessories that I didn't put on this list.
I can't live without these.
Go there and enjoy the barbecue.
If you have any questions about the barbecue, please do not hesitate.
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