your other kitchen - stainless steel natural gas grill

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your other kitchen  -  stainless steel natural gas grill
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This article is published in 1/6/2003 (5845 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
"Many people are building large, delicate barbecues as an extension of their home," Jeff Gill said . " The acting chairman of the Red River College Hotel department, a chef, manages the kitchen of some of the most prestigious hotels in England and Manitoba.
In the spontaneous tossthe-briquettes-in-the-car-and-head-to-the-
Park picnics are not out of date, Jill says, and today's homeowners often see their outdoor BBQ space as an extension of their indoor kitchen.
Just as personal taste determines the choice of your home, so does outdoor space.
Even the BBQ space can be creative, elegant, colorful or comfortable depending on the taste.
Today's BBQ is often well designed, but some designers suggest you consider building your BBQ unit directly into an outdoor counter for greater convenience.
The owner can consider the installation-
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Rob Everett, professional interior designer and president of Everitt Design Associates Co. , Ltd. , said: "The storage of supplies, trash cans, recycling bins and outdoor sinks on the built counters is low . ".
Barry Corey, a professional interior designer designed by Corey, recommends high
The technical appearance of stainless steel should consider the construction of stainless steel counters in outdoor barbecue.
The option is "expensive" but the counter does not show wear and tear and is easy to clean, Corey said.
The counter he designed for the outdoor kitchen in Florida also comes with a stainless steel front, hiding storage space for barbecue equipment, paper products, etc.
The counter is also suitable for Cedar, he said.
These spaces are not necessarily bland.
Corey said that a Florida restaurant he visited created a sidewalk with the end of the bottle, each of which was individually designed.
"This is the most elegant environment," he said . " He pointed out that the idea of local space can be learned from such an environment.
As for seating, a screened pavilion can be used to block the seating area or the entire BBQ space.
Corey created such a terrace in his own yard, using a sloping roof made of natural silver corrugated metal plates.
Frame for fixed structure and screen.
Some companies sell extended fine barbecues with built in
In the fridge, free food preparation space and other amenities that were coveted 10 years ago.
Those who decide not to build extra counter space outside usually need extra surfaces and tables to prepare and store food.
This is an old place.
Barbara Kaplan, interior design consultant, says old-fashioned picnic tables can come in handy.
She recommends using red and white tablecloths as an attractive desktop and supports fast and effective cleaning using melamine or plastic dishes.
"You may have a preparation area and some sort of service area," Everitt added . ".
"Think about how you will serve people.
For your convenience, if you want to avoid having to deal with propane tanks, consider connecting the barbecue permanently to your natural gas outlet.
Both the designer and the chef agree that the key to overall convenience is to plan the BBQ space as close as possible to the kitchen.
"For me, the gourmet kitchen includes an external kitchen and an internal kitchen," said Jill . ".
The internal kitchen can be used to prepare food, clean up after cooking, and can also be used for many other tasks, which makes the proximity of the outdoor space very important. "All high-
End home has solved this problem
"Many people have well-designed facilities in the pool next to the kitchen," said Jill . ".
"It's really getting more and more popular in the last five years.
Everitt suggested, "plan seating arrangements in comfortable groups and encourage dialogue.
This is especially important if you are planning to host large groups.
Dennis Friesen, executive chef at Winnipeg Winter Club, said tableware, pliers, brushes, sauces, condiments and "oil mist machines" should be arranged near the barbecue ".
Cooking oil sprayed on the grill helps avoid sticking to it, she said.
"In the store, you can buy a spray bottle for $10 to $15, or use a spray bottle for plants," she said . ".
For the convenience of service, dishes should be placed near the barbecue area.
Both she and Jill advocate the purchase of professional-quality tableware.
Then there are shelters.
Whether it's mosquitoes, wind or rain, if not the entire BBQ area, closing your seating space can make outdoor cooking comfortable and provide the required shelter for any appliances such as refrigerators.
Any outdoor equipment that must be plugged into the power supply needs to be kept dry to make the roof at least a necessary part.
Decorative rattan racks or rattan racks covered by Virginia climbing Tiger or clematis;
An outdoor structure made of wood or plaster with wooden tiles or shaking roofs; high-
Technical structure made of metal supports with corrugated metal or acrylic roof;
"Canvas roof structures that can be disassembled or fully retractable during the winter months are all possible ways to protect your entertainment/BBQ area from elements and extend your season," Everitt said . ".
Outdoor lighting is very important and is often forgotten or turned off, Everitt saidplayed.
However, there are many options such as decorative wall lights, embedded low
Voltage lighting embedded in wall or retaining wall, bollard lighting or recessed basin lights.
Only light is projected on the surrounding trees, and the lights may also be embedded in the floor.
However, he warned that outdoor lighting must be able to withstand these factors.
Outdoor countertop materials include teak, Cedar, stainless steel, poured concrete that can be dyed to match the owner's color scheme, such as granite, slate and Tinder Stone, Everitt said.
Outdoor cabinets can be made of teak, cedar or stainless steel, while the floors in the entertainment/BBQ area can include cedar trim or pressure-treated wood (Budget materials)
, Concrete paving stone, stamped concrete and stone with many patterns and custom colors, such as Tyndall stone or slate.
"How to tie it together?
"Hire a designer," Everitt said with a smile . ".
Other ideas include the use of similar materials.
For example, the external slate floor can match the slate around the fireplace or kitchen floor.
"You may also want to consider a feature of water, such as a water wall or fountain in a pot, to generate interest and sound," Everitt said . ".
"If you live near the road, it also helps to cover up the sound of traffic.
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