Automatic barbecue machine principle Automatic flip grill principle

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-05-01

Automatic flip charcoal BBQ grill is a new type of automatic rotating barbecue machine. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. It consists of motor, sprocket and drive chain. The body is a rectangular empty slot with a heating box in the middle of the empty slot. A transmission mechanism is arranged on one side of the body, and the rotating mechanism of the transmission mechanism is mounted on the side of the motive body. The rotating wheel has two mounting holes, and the two plugs of the fork grill are inserted into the two mounting holes of the rotating wheel, the motor The fork-type barbecue sign is rotated by the drive chain, and the food to be baked on the fork grill is cooked by heat radiation.

The utility model provides a sanitary barbecue manner, smokeless and oil splash, suitable for use in various barbecue shops. Suitable for self-service barbecue shop, Korean buffet barbecue, can be set in the tabletop of stainless steel dining table and wooden dining table. Used for grilled meat skewers, ribs, crisp bones, chicken hearts, chicken neck, chicken wings, good seafood, grilled vegetables, baked fruits, etc.

The advantages of a full set of barbecue equipment: more convenient, simpler, faster, healthier, better to eat, completely fool-like operation, free the barbecue accessories from the complicated manual operation, the advantages of automatic flip grill and traditional manual barbecue

1, more convenient: the barbecue is completely liberated from the complicated manual operation: traditional hand-made barbecue, you must constantly flip the skewers with your hands, and you must concentrate on the fire, and observe the heat and skewer at any time, otherwise it will lead to roasting Jiao Jiao paste, bother and hard work. Crystal flavor world automatically flips the grill, without manual flipping, just put the skewers on the grill machine, automatically flip, the skewers are evenly heated, until the desired color is baked, and the barbecue is completely liberated from the complicated manual operation. Come out, don't bother and don't bother.

2, simpler: no teacher self-pass, a traditional manual barbecue, it is a roasting skill, only master a certain barbecue technology, can operate, barbecue technology is high, direct relationship is delicious, so think To defeat the opponent, you need to hire a skilled barbecuer, which is costly.

3, crystal flavor world automatically flip the barbecue machine, even if the people who know nothing about the barbecue accessories technology, can bake the first-class grilled string, just open the device button, all the work is done by the machine, no teacher self-pass, a look.

4, faster: not afraid of hot, and then the hot business can cope with the traditional manual barbecue, relying on manual labor, slow work can not be done, business peaks, busy people dizzy, customers are busy next to the situation, people are tired Not to mention, but also offended the customer, watching the money can not earn.

5, automatically flip the grill, implement the machine operation, a person to look after 10 machines, easy and free, and then the hot business can be fixed, with a fully automatic barbecue machine, do not worry too much about the guests can not cope.

6, healthier: no fumes, no oil stains, no pollution, let people eat with confidence: fully automatic barbecue machine, using bilateral cross-fire technology, using charcoal, no fumes, no need for exhaust pipes and fans, maximizing guarantee Healthy food. Better to eat: evenly baked, evenly heated, nutritious and delicious.

7, automatic flip grill, automatic flip, mechanized operation, uniform heating surface, consistent heat content, the same maturity, so baked food, good taste, good nutrition preservation, called the delicious in the barbecue this popular Designed for use by most businesses.

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