Catering companies do not have to stick to 'online' or 'offline'

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-04-18

In the past two years, many catering operators have been confused. The traditional catering industry relies on opening physical stores, joining barbecues, and operating customers through the store. For many online catering companies, they are not considered unfamiliar, that is, the conditions are not available, but in recent years, online sales are in full swing, traditional catering The industry is anxious about this, and the emerging “e-commerce” of online sales is also deeply worried about the customers who are difficult to obtain stability due to the lack of support from physical stores. For a time, the wrestling and the smuggling of smoke from different companies' online and offline lines have made it possible to fight for the color of your life. The same enterprise, how to do a good job of online and offline coordination, let it be integrated, this is not only a technical problem, but also a change in business model.

The rise of the online channel sales model (that is, the emergence of the B2C model) has straightened the distance between producers and consumers, allowing producers to interact and supply directly with consumers, which has resulted in online and offline prices. The difference between the two makes the two become opposite sales methods, which is actually unnecessary. From a formal point of view (that is, from the channel level), barbecue accessories joins, online and offline seem to be opposite, but from the perspective of sales function, they are unified. Some experts pointed out that in the Internet era, the concept of channel integration model is that users are always online, and they will become offline consumers at any time. Consumers cannot live offline or live online. Their consumer demand is also It is not “online and offline” as a standard distinction, so marketing channels cannot be completely differentiated.

Today, online and offline are actually open. In reality, we use social media to upload food to friends to share. Do you say online or offline? Is it true or virtual to purchase daily necessities in shopping APP? Internet+ is to let the network penetrate into us. All aspects of life and business, the realization of the connection between people, things and things, peer-to-peer. Even opened up the connection between people and things. Hanst barbecue accessories joined.

The key to integration between online and offline is the “connection”; the key to the “online” sales of the catering industry is the “connection”.

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