Catering industry realizes regional cultural exchange and goes international

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-04-19

Today, a variety of new catering products are rapidly emerging in the Chinese catering market, which has gradually changed the pattern of the Chinese catering market. This is the so-called traditional catering transition to modern specialty catering. Because of this change, the specialty franchise stores have also developed rapidly. It seems that ordinary food is difficult to make a special feature. Consumers with a lot of faces, everyone likes different tastes, how do we get more and more discerning consumers to meet their needs?

After years of research, the self-service barbecue has finally developed a Chinese-Japanese-Korean barbecue with Asian characteristics. In the long-term accumulation of sediment, it has formed its own unique flavor of self-service barbecue accessories, blending the essence of Chinese, Japanese and Korean barbecues, and colleagues have passed on China. culture. The cultural attributes of Chinese barbecues are the original taste of the substances it contains and the rebellion against the habitual diet in the rough and ready-to-eat effect. On the other hand, it is recognized by the food memory code of the ancient ancestors in the fishing and hunting era. Today, there is nothing more tempting for adults and adults with childhood complexes than barbecues. In fact, barbecue has always been a temptation for human form and taste in the past. Now it has entered a multi-value barbecue era. On the land of the Yellow River, the barbecue starts from realism and expands its cultural and economic territory with an aggressive attitude.

Korean barbecues are authentic and served with different sauces. Korean-style barbecue is sweet and sour, but it lacks the interest of Japanese barbecue 'fried meat'; Japanese barbecue has less flavor of Chinese barbecue. The biggest feature of Chinese barbecue is spicy and delicious, but it is not good enough. Korean barbecue is delicate. Any country's barbecue has the characteristics that others can't mention.

The buffet barbecue not only provides a barbecue flavor series, but also offers specialty snacks, such as Korean stone pot beef bibimbap, kimbap rice, etc., and enjoys exotic buffets in the buffet barbecue.

Buffet barbecue is not a simple barbecue. It is a specialty barbecue brand that integrates culture. In the constant innovation of the headquarters, it is believed that the buffet barbecue will bring unlimited business opportunities and a broad market to the franchisees.

If you invite friends and family to eat a delicious barbecue, there are different opinions in this pedestrian. Some like to eat Korean barbecue, some like Chinese barbecue, and few barbecue shops can meet the different needs of several people at the same time. At this time, the most suitable for you is the buffet barbecue, because the buffet barbecue offers a selection of Chinese, Japanese and Korean flavors to satisfy the tastes of different people, and avoids the problem of dissatisfaction.

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