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Electric grill, charcoal grill, gas grill which is better


Charcoal grill

As a mainstream oven, most barbecue enthusiasts choose charcoal grills. Because charcoal burns hotter than gas, it is more suitable for grilling steaks and other meats. And the charcoal grill is relatively dry and very suitable for ordinary barbecue and smoked.



1, High temperature, suitable for grilled steak and other meat.

2, Dry, not easy to steam, grilled food taste pure, full flavor.

3, Good for smoked, when peoplel use the fruit charcoal or barrel wood charcoal, the meat will with slight smell of fruity or aroma.



Charcoal grills are complicate to use and people need to pay high attention when barbecue. Including the previous issue of charcoal, it is necessary to pay attention to firepower in real time. After the grill is over, it is necessary not only to clean the grill but also to clean the charcoal plate.


Gas grill

Americans like gas grills, which appeared in the 1960s and are now becoming more and more popular. Previous gas grills have some drawbacks. For example, it does not have a high temperature of the charcoal grill, but it has a higher humidity than the charcoal grill (propane generates steam during the combustion process), and it is difficult to bake food in a gas grill. However, the temperature of gas grills is now high, and some models also have special smoke boxes.



1, The operation is simple and fast. The principle of the gas grill is same as domestic gas stove. It can be started with a push of a button, and it can maintain a constant temperature within a few hours. It is not necessary to add charcoal and charcoal, and always pay attention to the firepower.

2, Clean and sanitary. Gas grills have less fumes, no charcoal, convenient and tidy when grilling.

3, Safe and healthy. First of all, it is charcoal-free, and the food is completely roasted. Secondly, the firepower is well controlled, and it is not easy to cause food scorching, problems such as clipping. In the end, the product after complete combustion of gas is only water and carbon dioxide, non-toxic and non-polluting, and can be used with confidence.



1. Small-sized gas grills cannot be baked. People who like to grill mostly prefer to use ovens. Large-scale courtyard-type gas grills have the function of grilling. Small portable gas grills have no space for roasting due to technical difficulties. , will make you miss a lot of delicious.

2. If there are equipment problems outdoors, it cannot be resolved in time. If you want to use a gas grill, you need to ensure that the gas tank, air pipe, and igniter are not damaged before use. Otherwise, you can't find a professional to solve the problem outdoors. Just in case, you can bring an air pipe, a can of portable gas tank, and a pulse igniter.

3, in addition to equipment problems, that is baked gas foods can never match the flavor of open fire.


Electric grill

Smoke-free electric grills are mostly household grills. You can eat Korean barbecues, Japanese-style skewers at home, and, like the oven, gradually become an indispensable electric appliance in modern urban homes.



1, Suitable for indoor use, not subject to the limitations of the weather and local. Let outdoor rain and snow, can enjoy the barbecue food in the warm interior.

2, Less smoke. The electric oven will have the basic design of the oil drain hole and the oil pan. The surface of the baking pan will not have excess grease, and it is not easy to produce fumes.



1, It is not possible to cook in a broiled manner, but to cook it in a simple grill.

2, It can not be brought outdoors, unless you have ample power.

3, The grilled food lacks the taste of open fire barbecue, but can block some electric oven to add smoky flavor to the food.

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