Golden Love Charcoal Grill Store Joins Market Potential_Global Network

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-01-10
Korean love charcoal barbecue restaurant to join the market potential is more 2015-10-28 16:07:47 Source: Global franchise network has 338 people to participate in the global franchise barbecue restaurant business scope: number of barbecue stores: 100 single store investment: 5~100,000 View franchise information  Enterprise has filed  Enterprise has been certified  Dealing with red envelopes China has a population of 1.3 billion, and huge dietary needs also bring a steady stream of business opportunities The Korean-style specialties have attracted the attention of the vast number of entrepreneurs once they have won the market. The Korean-style charcoal barbecue restaurant has excellent operations. After detailed planning, the brand spreads rapidly in China. The Korean-style charcoal-fired kebab restaurant has been carefully developed by the R&D team led by Korean super-premium Korean chef Quan Jiyong. Based on years of experience, the R&D team has built a Chinese-based dish based on the taste of Korean food. More acceptable and authentic Korean dishes. Such as: mouth-watering Korean barbecue accessories, Korean kimchi with high nutritional value, bibimbap with strong aroma, hundreds of Korean dishes such as “medicine and food homologous” health ginseng soup, delicious barley tea, etc. Each product was carefully developed by a team led by the famous Korean cuisine master Quan Jiyong. The master master continues the traditional court technique, pure hand-washed and immersed in eight flavors, deep into the flavor, deep in taste, maintaining a pure Korean taste, and improving the taste and localization to create a secret recipe suitable for the taste of the country, its standardized cooking The craftsmanship and secret sauces determine the status of the industry that cannot be ignored in Korea. The company pays attention to the color, fragrance, taste and nutritional structure of each dish, which is the continuation and improvement of Korean traditional food culture. As is known to all, Korean food is good for health. According to the results of the World Health Organization, fermented foods have a good cancer-preventing effect. South Korea's famous kimchi is fermented. In addition, Korean barbecue also uses a lot of garlic, which can enhance the resistance to germs. The Korean diet has less fat. People can enjoy the deliciousness while fully absorbing the nutrients, and can maintain a slim body and good health. The brand image is designed by Shandong's better design team. It combines the essence of Korean culture with Western fashion elements and is fully integrated with the consumption trends in the Mainland. It is the brand that promotes the “Korean casual dining” business model in China. In addition, the store fashion The casual atmosphere has strong interactivity and affinity, which has been recognized by countless consumers. Nowadays, the Korean love charcoal barbecue restaurant has been widely recognized by the public. The company also constantly promotes new products to attract a steady stream of consumers. Its investment does not require experience. The headquarters leads you step by step to open your own road to success. It is your success. Good partner.
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