Korean barbecue, all kinds of ways to eat, sneak peek

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-05-07

Korean buffet barbecue is popular all over the world, and China is no exception. As long as the self-service barbecues in all major cities are basically Korean-style barbecues, Korean buffet barbecues have always attracted all kinds of diners at affordable prices and rich choices. Faced with a wealth of choices, the diners of the mouth often have no choice but to eat, in order to maximize the charm of Korean barbecue. The Oriental Banquet tells you how to eat today and lets you experience a different buffet barbecue.

First of all, you need to know the order of Korean barbecue. Although many Korean barbecues are now self-service, eating Korean barbecues is not so casual. To enjoy true taste requires a formal procedure. Like a French meal, eating Korean barbecue accessories also has a starter and main course.


Drink porridge first

Before eating the main dish, you should drink a bowl of pumpkin porridge. If you come to eat the barbecue, it will not only be greasy, but also feel dry in the mouth.

At the Oriental Banquet, you can taste the most authentic pumpkin porridge, golden succulent pumpkin porridge with crystal clear containers, which has increased appetite at first glance. The sweet taste from the pumpkin itself is combined with the embellishment of corn and sesame to make the appetite wide open.


Appetizer appetizing

After the pumpkin porridge is finished, all kinds of side dishes are on the table, and the main course is about to debut.

Dried fruits, including walnuts and various dried fruits, serve to increase appetite before meals and are used for recreational purposes before they are officially cooked. You can also eat with wine. Kimchi should remember not to eat more, because these are not the main dishes, just the auxiliary dishes. After the main dishes come up, it is better to eat evenly.


Korean barbecue method

Since it is a barbecue, the main course is naturally a variety of meats. But don't rush to barbecue, this barbecue is also very particular.

Korean barbecue is strictly a kind of 'fried meat'. It uses an electromagnetic cooker or a thick iron pan. First, brush a thin layer of oil on top, then put the meat on it.

On the table, not only the size of the knife and fork, but also the scissors can be used for the guests. It can be cut according to the texture of the meat, so that the barbecue is evenly cooked. As is known to all, some meats in the process of roasting are put on the baking sheet and they start to stick. The diners have to repeatedly stir fry with chopsticks, clips and other tools. The roast meat suddenly becomes fried meat, and the good dining atmosphere disappears. Therefore, there is a sequence of meat release. Generally, pork belly, duck breast, etc. are placed first. During the baking process, the fat of such meat slowly oozes out, which can play a role of anti-adhesion. When the baking tray is covered with oil, you can put other meat.

PS: You can put kimchi around the oil spill and bake it. Garlic can also be baked in a baking pan, so the spicy taste will be reduced a lot.


Korean barbecue ingredients and ingredients

Korean specialties are mainly beef, beef tenderloin, steak, beef tongue, beef loin, seafood, sashimi, etc. are all delicious Korean barbecue, especially grilled beef tenderloin and grilled steak.

Because the meat of the beef is delicious and tender, everyone who tastes it will talk about it.


How to eat oyster sauce

Korean barbecues use different juices, eat bacon, bacon juice; eat barbecue, barbecue juice, etc. Each juice is carefully prepared from a dozen kinds of spices, it is said that these sweet With acid, fresh and refreshing, there are subtle differences.

Korean-style barbecue has spread to China, and it has gradually become Chinese with a long time. For example, our barbecues have been marinated. Our barbecues are more than Korean barbecues and have a richer taste.


With vegetables to greasy

It is easy to greasy to eat barbecue, and the oriental feast is recommended to eat with vegetables. Spread the grilled meat on the spread lettuce, smear the special sauce, roll it with the sliced ​​garlic slices, onion slices, cucumber and carrot, then sesame oil to taste.

PS: It is quite tasteful to clip the grilled kimchi into it. Vegetables can play a role in the greasy, garlic tablets are activated by the oxidation of allicin, anti-cancer effect. Eating barbecue is not only delicious but also healthy.


After-dinner staple food to protect the stomach

Although the barbecue is good, you can't eat it. Just keep a little bit of your stomach and eat the staple food. This will help protect the stomach. There are two main staple foods after meals: one is Korean fried rice, and the other is soup + rice.

After the rice and soup come up, you can eat all kinds of side dishes and eat the rest of the main dishes. Here is the correct order of eating: the right hand must first take the spoon, drink a bite from the soup, then eat a bite of rice with a spoon, then drink a soup, then eat a meal, then you can eat other things at will. .

PS: Chopsticks do not enter the soup! Chopsticks are only responsible for the dish, not allowed to appear in the soup. When not in use, chopsticks should be placed close together on the table on the right hand side. This is the basic Korean food etiquette.


Finally enjoy the dessert

It includes wine and fruit.

The wine is sweeter and is one of the traditional Korean drinks.

At this point in the meal, a regular meal order for Korean barbecue has been completed. I believe that in the future, you will not only have a wide degree of freedom, but also have a healthy eating order.

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