Open the Shangpin Palace barbecue franchise store needs to understand the business skills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-01-18

For entrepreneurs who first run a barbecue accessories shop, they may encounter some problems. In order to reduce the investment risk of the partners, we will introduce the following business skills to understand the Longzhao gas bbq grill, I hope to help you open the store. Investors in the Longzhao gas bbq grill need to do the site selection work because it is directly related to the operation of the store in the future. The Longzhao gas bbq grill does not have to be opened in the bustling streets, but it must be opened in a place with a large flow of people. It is a street with many food and beverage outlets. Driving in the bustling streets, the rent is expensive, the investment cost is relatively high, like some small streets, the store rent is relatively low, as long as the traffic is large, the business will naturally be good. After the operator of barbecue accessories shop chooses a location for the store, during the renovation, it is necessary to recruit good staff. In the middle of the renovation, the kitchen must be prepared, and the supplies should be added. Work, so that when the decoration is completed, it can quickly enter the operational state. In addition, operators need to know all the wholesale markets in the vicinity and purchase them according to different needs. For example, the categories that are generally required for daily purchase can go to farther wholesale markets, the price is cheaper, and some special materials that customers temporarily order can be Go to the nearby market to buy. Of course, you can't have no drinks when you open a restaurant. You can't just choose a tribute wine merchant when you choose a liquor brand. It's good to have two to three, so that you can meet your needs in an emergency. We must know that the catering industry has a large mobility, and it is basically a person with low academic qualifications. If you want to retain talents, you should do a good job in welfare planning and let the store and employees win together, so that the staff is naturally willing to share with the store. Surviving. As long as you use these well, the operation of the store will be very simple, and getting rich will be just around the corner.
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