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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-01-06

Dealing with red envelopes Now the catering industry in the market has developed rapidly, and Longzhao barbecue accessories Chain stores want to achieve the desired benefits, so first of all, customers should be allowed to enter. The newly opened store itself should also pay attention to the promotion of the storefront. When the opening ceremony is carried out, the customer's new psychology will be grasped, and some operational planning will be carried out. The Longzhao barbecue chain store will be able to achieve operational success. This article is about the business skills of promotion and sharing experience with you. We together look. The choice of the paper crane barbecue accessories chain in the opening time is very important. A good time can be as good as possible to get more customers, so that more people can understand our brands and stores, if not, if it can be in the week Five or weekends are also better. Everyone is more free on weekends. It will be inevitable to see new stores open. If we have discounts to consumers during the opening period, then there will be better results. Opening must have a feeling of opening, we want customers to feel that we are a good food shop, let them know that our food is good, and now there are discounts for entering the store. Many people have a heart that is cheap. If you grasp this heart, you will have more consumers and your profits will be bigger. When investing in the Longzhao barbecue chain store, the quality of the previous publicity will generally have an impact on future operations. Therefore, we must do a lot of publicity a few days before the opening, so that people passing by know that there are new stores opening, and there will be future consumption. The above promotion method for the Qianhe crane barbecue chain requires the store owners to develop a store plan based on the local actual situation. In order to largely avoid failures in the opening of publicity. As long as you have a good understanding of the content of this article, business success is not difficult.
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