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Tips on the smoker grill


Choosing a smoker grill can be a tough decision for most people especially due to the fact that so many models and variations are available out there. If grilling is your favorite adventure, then you probably know that the grill is an important outdoor cooking tool. The smoker grill simply gives you that slow-cooked tender meat with dark crispy bark. In this article, we highlight some expert tips on how to buy the best smoker grill and everything else you need to know about these offset barrel smokers also known as pipe smokers or horizontal smokers.

How the Smoker Grill Works

A smoker grill basically allows you to take complete control over the smoking process as it lets you dial in the most appropriate temperature range depending on your desired outcome. For instance, a lower temperature allows for slower, gentler and longer cooking giving you meat with a dreamy and tender texture. 

Smoker grills are designed to smoke your meat in a long and horizontal chamber that is strategically placed alongside a heat source as opposed to directly above it. This makes it easy to adjust the heat or replenish the fuel since you will not have to keep moving your meat out of the way so that you can add some more wood or coal to the grill’s heat source.

How to Buy the Best smoker grill

Unlike the kettle grill, a smoker grill is much more complex in terms of features and functionality. You will need to know how to choose the right smoker grill in order to get the best results. It is therefore important to consider some key factors before buying grills for your pastrami, barbecue or smoked turkey. When buying a smoker grill, you will need to consider what you want to get from your smoker as there are four main types of smoker grills you can choose from each with its own unique features and cooking results. These include:

- Electric smoker 

- Pellet smoker 

- Charcoal smoker 

- Gas smoker 

1. Electric Smoker
  • This type of smoker grill is powered by electricity and is regarded as a better option when compared to charcoal-fueled smokers. You will only need to plug it in and dial in the right temperature for grilling. The electric smoker will cook your meat at that temperature uninterrupted. When buying an electric smoker, one of the key considerations is the size and capacity. The best smoker grill should be one with a higher capacity especially for those who like throwing regular backyard parties for friends and family. Electric smokers are user-friendly, cost-efficient and safe to use. However, most people feel that electric smoker grills are a bit complicated and non-conventional compared to traditional smokers.

2. Pellet Smoker
  • If you are searching for the best smoker grill that offers you complete control over the entire grilling process, then the pellet smoker grill is your ideal choice. This type of smoker gives you meat that is juicy and with lots of flavors. Once you switch on your pellet smoker and feed the wood pellets, a rod attached to the smoker will ignite to start the grilling process. With this type of grill, you do not need to worry about flavoring agents since the pellets will add a smoky flavor to the meat. Pellet smokers are easy to use, highly efficient and are convenient when it comes to fuel usage. However, pellet smokers can be noisy due to their built-in motor and ventilator.

  • This is one of the best smoker grills available today and one that allows you to get that authentic barbecue taste right in your home. With this type of smoker, you will have to manually control the temperature and flow of air although some modern charcoal smokers have been designed to make the grilling process much simpler. When you buy a high-quality charcoal smoker, you do not have to worry about soot, ash or creosote. A charcoal smoker infuses into the meat the original BBQ flavor and taste.

  • This type of smoker grill also gives you the convenience of getting the original barbecue flavor and taste at home. Meat that is grilled in a gas smoker not only has a great taste but it is also healthy. Your meat gets an aroma in which other types of smoker grills cannot match. A gas smoker almost works the same as the electric smoker. Gas smokers are portable, easy to use and are capable of reaching optimum temperatures that other smokers cannot.

The best smoker grill for your home should not only provide the desired meat flavor but should also be safe for your family and pets. Handles should be heat-resistant while its parts should be safe from rain and snow. Your ideal smoker grill should have durable parts preferably made from stainless steel.

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