What is the way to eat healthy barbecue?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-05-06

Grilled meat, I believe many people like to eat, especially in the summer when I see some barbecue accessories stalls or barbecue shops in the street. The business is very hot, the handsome guys have to drool, but everyone I am very worried that the Jiaojiao barbecue can cause cancer when eaten into the stomach! So how do we find a balance between the two? In fact, we have the principle of mastering several barbecues when we taste delicious barbecue. We can also have a good time and a healthy meal. 8 major precautions, be sure to remember!

1, pay attention to the vegetarian match

Some people eat barbecue without meat, but this mode of eating is not good, it is easy to get tired of eating meat, and it will cause imbalance of nutrition, and may also cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and indigestion.

It is recommended to use lettuce to roll the barbecue. Eat unfamiliar vegetables, you can roast a pot of pork, a pot of roasted vegetables, so match, you can increase the absorption of vitamins, avoid constipation.

In addition, you should also eat some potato chips, bracts, sweet potato slices and the like, increase dietary fiber, clear the intestines.

2, the meat must be cooked

Recently, there was a news that a man was born in Zhejiang for a week. After eating a 5-point cooked steak five months ago, he went to the hospital because of frequent diarrhea. Under the guidance of a doctor, take the relevant drugs and pull out a 5.2-meter-long aphid.

To say this case is not to disgust everyone. Instead, remind everyone that you should never eat meat that is not cooked.

Especially seafood, it is likely to have pathogenic bacteria, parasite eggs, etc., eat it, you may be the next Mr. Zhou.

3, do not bake food for too long

As mentioned above, the meat must be cooked and cooked. Some people are over-corrected and baked for too long until the food turns black. This is also the wrong baking method.

Food scorching, on the one hand, will make more nutrients lost, such as vitamins, protein and the like, the worst result is the loss of these nutrients.

On the other hand, charred foods produce a lot of harmful substances: if the protein is scorched, it will produce a heterocyclic amine; if the fat is burnt, it will produce a benzopyrene.

These two substances are all recognized as strong carcinogens in the world. They enter the sucking tract and the digestive tract and accumulate to a certain extent, which can induce diseases such as stomach cancer and intestinal cancer.

4, put the seasoning should be appropriate

Some people, in order to make the food more delicious, in the process of barbecue, sprinkle all kinds of powder, pepper, chili powder, grilled and then simmer on other seasonings, eat it salty, do not want, and drink A lot of water.

It is recommended not to lick too much sauce when eating barbecue. When roasting, you can marinate with garlic juice, lemon juice and tomato sauce.

Garlic has a bactericidal effect, at least more benefits than other sauces, helping to reduce the amount of carcinogens produced.

5, avoid mixing clips

The general rotisserie will give customers 2 barbecue clips, which may mean that everyone can work together. However, Xiaojiu does not recommend that both of them be used to hold raw meat. Even if the raw meat is marinated, it is still unfamiliar and may have bacteria.

If you sandwich the raw meat and then clip it to the cooked food, the bacteria will be contaminated with the cooked food. If you eat too much, it may cause damage to the stomach.

It is recommended that you prepare three clips, one with raw meat, one with vegetables, and one with cooked food. It is most likely to avoid direct contact between bacteria and the human body.

6, drink water instead of ice beer

The barbecue is hot, the cold beer is cool, a cold and hot, double stimulation, the stomach may really be unbearable, easily lead to stomach upset, diarrhea and other issues.

Secondly, in the process of eating barbecue, there is a lot of water to drink, and the beer obviously does not hydrolyze thirst.

In addition, beer + seafood barbecue, because it is sorghum food, easy to cause gout. Healthy people occasionally eat nothing, gout patients should not drink beer while eating barbecue accessories, otherwise it will add to the snow.

7, barbecue not too frequent

Some people, taking advantage of their own physical strength, eat a few barbecues a month. Although there is nothing on the surface, it is recommended to avoid excessively frequent barbecues from a health perspective.

Especially those who are unskilled in barbecue technology and easy to scorch food, eat up to 1 or 2 times a month. Otherwise, the intake of benzopyrene is excessive, although it may not cause cancer, but it must be injured.

8, eat fruit after eating

When eating barbecue, don't eat too much and make some stomach space for fruit. After eating the barbecue, and then eating some fruits, such as apples, bananas, pears, oranges, etc., can inhibit the adverse effects of the carcinogen benzopyrene and protect the gastrointestinal tract.

Just remember two words: the right amount, eating barbecue is no problem at all.

9, it is best not to use fish

It is best not to use fish, especially squid or dried fish: the National Cancer Research Center of Japan once systematically investigated the heat-treated food, and found that when the cooking temperature exceeds 250 degrees Celsius, there will be carcinogens in the fish (heterocyclic The main reason is that the protein in the fish is heated to produce a strong mutant substance, and when the cooking temperature reaches 300 degrees Celsius, almost all protein substances such as beans, tofu, fish, eggs, meat Classes and other carcinogens appear.

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