Where to get help if bbq charcoal gets problem during the use?
After identifying the problems of bbq charcoal, Longzhao will arrange the most professional after-sales team to help you. By following the instruction manual, we are responsible for repairing the products for free during the warranty period. During the usage of the product, you can send the product back to us for repair. Once the product is out of warranty period, we will charge you for the parts and accessories.

Longzhao BBQ has made achievements in the field of . produced by is very popular in the market. Longzhao BBQ products provide the style, efficiency and high performance. . has been filtered to remove . It is not known that from Foshan Longzhao Industry Co., Ltd. have exceeded the performance and quality of many big names. No flare ups and even heat are for sure.

Foshan Longzhao Industry Co., Ltd. strives to provide customers with better service and support! Inquire!
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