Yucheng City Management Launches Open-air Barbecue Station Centralized Remediation Action

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-04-22

On the evening of March 10th, the Chengcheng District Urban Management Law Enforcement Group carried out a centralized rectification campaign for open-air barbecue booths within its jurisdiction. In the area of ​​Weicheng District, all the barbecue shops not only entered the house, but also the barbecue tables and chairs were not placed outside, and the wild barbecue stalls on the roadside stalls disappeared. It is understood that this year, the urban management law enforcement branch of the Wucheng District has further increased the intensity of barbecue renovation.

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I was checked last year, I don’t dare to set up stalls this year.

On the evening of March 10, the urban management law enforcement brigade of Wucheng District carried out centralized rectification of open-air barbecue stalls within the jurisdiction. At about 18 o'clock that day, the law enforcement team first came to the lunar river road in the previous year. Yuehe Road is the hardest hit area for open-air barbecues in the past year. There are dozens of large and small barbecue shops on the whole road, and open-air barbecues continue throughout the year. However, the reporter followed the law enforcement team on this road and found that all the barbecue shops in the entire month of the river not only did not put the barbecue outside the store, and even the barbecue tables and chairs were not placed outside the store.

Later, the reporter came to Patriotic Road with the law enforcement team. There are also many barbecue shops here, but they are not operating outside the store. The reporter noticed that the number of customers in the barbecue shop has gradually increased during this time period, and many barbecue shops have sat in many customers. Before one of the barbecue shops, the reporter entered the store as a customer and asked why the table and chairs could not be placed outside the store. The staff said: “Since last year, the city’s management has strictly checked the barbecue shop, not only the charcoal BBQ grill is not allowed. Outside the store, tables and chairs are also not allowed to be placed outside the store. I was confiscated two barbecue pits and a number of tables and chairs last year. I gave us a notice a few days ago, but I dare not put it outside.'

On the same day, the reporter patrolled the law enforcement team several times in the jurisdiction of Wucheng District. No barbecue shop was found outside the store. No wild barbecue stalls operated by the roadside were seen.

At about 20 o'clock, the reporter went back to Yuehe Road with the law enforcement team and saw that many barbecue shops have already sat in many customers. There are still no barbecue accessories shops operating outside the store, nor have the grills placed outside the store.


Change the location to the urban management department for the record

The relevant person in charge of the Urban Management Law Enforcement Brigade of Wucheng District told the reporter that since last summer, the urban management department of Yucheng has intensified the rectification of the open-air barbecue accessories. Up to now, it has investigated and handled more than 100 barbecue pits, and has also seized a large number of The table and chair bench shocked the open-air barbecue shop.

This year, Yucheng City Management will further increase the intensity of open-air barbecue renovation. Since February 27 this year, all the barbecue stores in the jurisdiction have signed a notice prohibiting the operation outside the store to file for all the barbecue stores in the area. The operator must not only register his business license, ID card and related business qualifications, but the urban management department will also take photos of the location of the smoke-free grills in these barbecue shops. The location of the change needs to go to the urban management department to file the record. Outside open-air barbecue will be confiscated.

The person in charge said that if the company refuses to comply with the management and refuses to carry out rectification, it will confiscate its business tools and business items according to law, and impose heavy penalties to hinder the execution of public affairs, which will be severely punished by the public security department according to law.

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