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Chinese spiritual media commonly known as Tang-ki or dang-.gei-East (ää©¥), Luo-Child (day), Skip (day) or san-ki-Tong (ää©C-yen) or Tang-ki (童乩).The Chinese vocabulary of "psychic" is©Yen (jitong) or yen (jitong)©(Tongji ).What is this role?©Refers to the process of spiritual writing, which is a traditional form of communication with the gods.The role refers to a young man.This word â x80 x9c jitong â x80 waste (ä ¹©Therefore, c. ¥) literally means the young servant of "corsinomatikbasine.However, literal reproduction of Chinese characters should not be too tight, as the term "Jitong" is now specifically used to refer to specific individuals who can communicate with the gods through possession rather than spirit --writing.Chinese media can be divided into two categories, namely, media.Raisins and Shenmediums.Soul-It is mainly women who communicate with the dead.As for shen-Media, they are an intermediary between God and mortals.Most ShenThe media is male.The shen-The psychic is above the soul-Because they were possessed by gods from heaven.In most cases, quasi-Tang-Kis was chosen by the gods, mainly against their own will.The initial possession may occur during periods of personal crisis, usually manifested as seizures, hallucination, or strange behavior.Usually old Tang.Ki is the one who interprets these symptoms as divine possession.However, this call is often strongly resisted by Tang people.ki.Chapter 4 of Tang-Ki) tells the story of a Guo Tianhua who was regularly possessed before becoming an exercise Tangki.Initially, Guo will hold the water of charm or jump into the fish pond to avoid being possessed whenever he gets the feeling of God coming.However, after many years of struggle with involuntarily divine possession, Guo finally succumbed to fate and became the mouthpiece of divine expression.Resistance is a common element in many Shen's life stories.mediums.The most likely explanation for resistance is (1) the low prestige enjoyed by the spiritual medium, most of them from the lower classes, and (2) the prospect of the ritual selfWhip, one aspect of Tang --Ki's repertoire is disgusting.There is a folk theory that chooses ShenThe media should have a short life.).The defects of Bazi also make people prone to Trance Behavior.Deitya's appeal to the selected media is a tool for it to communicate with mortals, which is seen as sympathy for lifeIn order for him to serve God, the span will be extended.There are hundreds of spiritual beings in Chinese folk religions, but most of them are the highest --The Buddha of God (such as the Jade Emperor and the Buddha) does not have spiritual Media.The highest-The ranking God said there is Tang-Ki is a goddess of mercy ).Other examples of the gods of the Tang DynastyKi, who serves them, is Xuan Tianshang land (Hong Kong Siong)©Ä, a wastes å, a waste), initial Tianhou Mazu (å the following©"The living Buddha of Salvation" (Ji Gong Hufu), the mysterious maid of the highest sky (nine days Xuena)©The Great Saint is equal to Heaven (born of seven fields)©), The Third Prince Neza (Neza) and the Holy Emperor Guan (Neza ).The lowest-Ranking with Tang Shen-This paper is in the underworld gods such as baiwuchang (C x99 ½ c x84 ¡å, A, A) and heiwuchang (,» x91 C x84 ¡å, A, ).Selected ShenThe media still needs to be trained for a period of time by more senior and experienced religious experts before they can be qualified for professional Tang-ki.Shen-In addition to the choice of ShenMedia, other people who want to be TangKi can do this by learning the media art Shenfa (Shenfa) from Lao ShenMedia that may be looking for a successor.), Promise to abide by the moral code of God's hair.The Jade Emperor is the supreme god of Chinese folk religion.Mediumship's training is called left station©), Which includes mastery of the self and mastery of certain techniques and rituals.The apprenticeship period can be 2 to 6 years.Meditation, writing of charmPapers and reading are an important part of training.Meditation can purify the mind and help the novice to gain the personal feeling of the spiritual world.The art of glamour-Paper writing is very important, because it will bring charm to missing some important strokes --The paper is invalid.Correct chanting is essential because it is owned by deitya.The training also includes the use of fashen (fashen) and the memory of the sacred text about summoning and holy songs.Fashen is for a month-feet long whip.Its wooden handle is carved into the shape of a snake.It is said to be a very effective weapon to clear the way for God to have GodAnd drive away any evil soul that may lurk nearby.A new tang-Ki must carry out the demon drive to ensure that the spirit of possession is God, not the spirit of demons.If there is, the demon can't stand the demon.If the tang-Ki is still in a trance when the demon is over, which is the final proof that having the spirit is Shen.After the demon is a physical shame.The new tang- a seven-Star sword (star sword )- a nail-The new tang-Ki will use these instruments to make himself more ethical.He was not hurt in any way other than the pain.This is considered to be evidence of the divine presence and also of the Jade Emperor's designation of him as a complete personfledged tang-ki.The final ceremony to commemorate the completion of the quasi-Tang dynasty --Training at Ki tuk may include fire walking, crossing a nail Bridge or climbing a dagger ladder, etc.The launching ceremony will vary depending on the location and environment.Consultation is usually sought (1) to cure the disease;(2) solving personal problems (such as workplace setbacks, marital disharmony, etc );(3) prospects for annual wealth;(4) prediction of WellsThe existence of a family;And (5) auspicious dates for important eventsg.The beginning of a new business ).A common way to solve the problem is to provide some yellow charm to the customerPaper scribbling characters in Red-Ink or blood.The customer was told to burn the charm.Paper, mix the Ashes and water, drink the mixture, or bring charm --The paper on them1.Prescribe herbs.2.Give a yellow one.Paper amulet drawn in red ink, boiled in water and consumed by the patient.3.Gifts of herbs and amulets.4.If the disease is caused by an evil spirit, thenKi will create a blood charm by cutting the tongue and applying the blood to a spiritual currency.The sick person is to bring the charm of blood to the body to resist the influence of evil.When in a trance, TangKi becomes the embodiment of Shen, speaking and acting like having God at some height-Stylized languageA translator is required to explain the so-called sacred instructions, either orally or in writing, because they are not understandable to the outside world.The translation can also be Tang-A trainer or assistant known as Zhuo Tou.xa0).You can also negotiate by guiding God to palanquin.This sedan chair is beautiful.Engraving, need to be carried by four bearer.Onlookers will know that palanquin is being possessed when it starts to swing left and right or move forward and backward in a powerful way.The four men were completely under the control of the divine palanquins movement.When consulted, the attached palanquin will give the petitioner some heavy blows.The tang-Ki will then prepare a mixture for the petitioner (burning amulet and ash of water ).S before the start©Ance session, the assistant will place the necessary ritual utensils on the table facing the altar.This usually includes the sword, joss-Stick, yellow body paper, brush, red ink, table of all typesPaper, wooden medicine boxes and the seal of God who may have this medium.There is nearby a bucket of sacred plants (wormwood) and ashes of burnt amulets soaked in water.Put a small cup of sacred water on the ShenMedium â x80 x99 s table.The chair in front of the altar is called the "dragon chair ".It is carved with a complex dragon pattern.The legs of the chair are padded with fragrant paper on the mat.In the sound of gongs and drums, the meeting from Shen-Waving three lights in the middleStick it down on his head to purify himself and drink holy water.Almost immediately he began coughing loudly and his body began to move back and forth.The liquid began to drip down his mouth.After a while, he began to beat the table with his fist.(If he holds a flag or sword, he will wave a flag or beat it on the table with a sword.) At the same time, he recited several sacred songs loudly and loudlyDifferent tones from the tone he usually speaks.He then takes a pose indicating which God has him, E.G.g.For the third prince, Nezha, he held out his arms as if he were standing at 1 feet with some weapons.Aware that possession has occurred, the assistant will assist Shen-Sit on the dragon chair.The shen-The media then carved a amulet with his brush and stamped it with the proper seal of God.After the amulet burns in a nearby incense burner, the worshiper can begin to negotiate with God (through the medium ).End of the year©Don-ans meetingKi must go out of trance.This is done by jumping up and shouting loudly.It is believed that when his limbs leave the ground, God can leave his body and he can return to his body himself.Since jumping can be a very powerful jump, he has to get the support of the assistant from behind.(Note: the behavior of holding God varies from medium to medium.Some of the medium will have a variety of twitching at the time it was originally owned, accompanied by trembling hands and loud coughs.Some people may jump and have to be bound by the assistant so as not to fall or accidentally hurt the worshiper standing nearby.Other than drowsy, occasional hiccups or panting, no discomfort was shown by others.When in the case of possession, the media will present the behavioral features of the Shen that has it.Most of the time, he wears clothes related to having God.Take the controlling stake of the Third Prince Neza (three sons) as an example.The media will wear a Chinese vest, doudu, with the Universe Ring and fire in the left hand (or around the body --There is a spear on his right.(Note: Shen-In order for the ceremony, the media must keep his body clean and pure.Fasting and abstinence are necessary a few days before the activity.Women who come to menstruation nearby are considered Tang-Into a trance state.Evaluation criteria of Tang-The common criterion used by devotees to assess the medium capacity is the length of time required to have it.Shen with rich experienceIt takes about 10 minutes to 1 hour to be possessed.People who are longer than this time are considered inferior.The devotees also commented on a Tang monk.Ki is based on his ability to explain and solve practical, secular problems in daily life.Shen-The media can be connected to established temples or run from their own homes.Some people have fixedOnly part of income work and worktime as tang-ki.They don't need to advertise their services.Having the news of God, God is numb or effective Tang-Ki is spread by word of mouth.Some people with gods do not allow their Tang monks.Kis charges for consultation.If the shen-By doing so, the media will get sick.Ritual self-At the main temple fairPeople often see kis perform many self-feats.Dismemberment in a trance.Burning joss chewingBroken porcelain bars or pieces are considered mild.Gruesome-Swing iron-Walk past or step on a burning pile of tablesThis bloody feat is to show the power of the divine.Some tang-A lot of kis bleeding can be seen from their multiple wounds.Surprisingly, soup except for some painKis does not seem to have suffered any physical damage."And Don-On December 7, 2003, the Singapore Taoist religious association invited the Singapore supernatural investigation (SPI) club to observe their Shen-mediums.Details and photos of their close contact with TangThe mystery of Tang and Tang-Ki phenomenon can still be found on the SPI website when writing this article.However, a recent visit to their website indicates that this information is no longer in their profile.The above-mentioned religious activities, which are welcomed by Hokkiens and Teochews, are still carried out in Southeast China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia (such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
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