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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-04

When I first got married, I had no experience cooking.I remember when we went home on our honeymoon, I panicked and thought, "What do we have tonight?The answer is "Domino Pizza", but we can't eat it for the rest of our lives.I need to learn how to cook quickly.I tried to make pasta that week, but I didn't lie to you, I burned the noodles with the stove.If there's a place to cook, I'm in strata-5.But as I became more experienced with cooking (and more experienced with fire extinguishers), I became obsessed with cooking.I 've always enjoyed eating and all of a sudden I realize that I can eat anything I want if I learn to cook.I'm pretty capable in the kitchen right now, and I want to conquer the next frontier of cooking: the grill.But first, we need one, and I don't even know where to start.When I was talking to my grill --George Foreman's grill is not a real grill "."Just like the Vikings don't think they are a real football team.After some personal interviews and academic Google searches, I collected a summary of the pros and cons of the charcoal and gas grill: the advantages of the charcoal grill: 1.Cheap-Although charcoal grill is not as cheap as BK Stacker, it is cheaper than gas grill.They are designed to be simpler, so there are fewer things that can be broken, and charcoal is cheaper than propane tanks.2.Flavor-Most people think that the charcoal grill will make your food taste deeper and more complicated.Because the flame of the charcoal grill is relatively hot, this is also the best Grill for roast steak and other meat.3.Impressive-Starting from scratch, the fire will impress friends and affect people.You have to start the fire from scratch.Internal heat is difficult to control.The Ashes and grease in the bowl mean it will be cleaner after the barbecue.Advantages of gas grill: 1.Controllable-You can control the heat and temperature of the fire more easily, so cooking food "just right" is an easy thing to do.2.Easy-Press a button, ta-da!Fire.3.Cleaner-No Ashes or charcoal can be swept out of a bowl or on the ground.The gas grill is a bigger investment and more money is needed.More things can break on top like wires or knobs.You look like a maiden.This helps me make a wise decision about which grill we will invest in.Although I think the gas grill is also good, I chose charcoal.It's just that my family had a charcoal grill growing up, and I had good memories of my dad on the grill.When we asked my friends to come over for dinner, I also wanted to impress them.So, I encourage you to take risks out of the kitchen and take on the new challenges of outdoor barbecues.I know I am—I have a shiny new fire extinguisher and everything.
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