stainless steel cooking surface grill Make Sure You Dont Damage Your Porcelain BBQ Grates By Using The Wrong Grill Brush

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-20
stainless steel cooking surface grill Make Sure You Dont Damage Your Porcelain BBQ Grates By Using The Wrong Grill Brush
Grill is a common choice for barbecues.They provide non-stick surfaces for your food and do not rust.This assumes that you wash them with the correct grill brush.If you do not use the appropriate grill brush, you may find your grill scratched.
Read more to learn how to choose the best grill brush.A common question when buying a grill brush is whether it will scratch your cooking grid.The last thing you want is to scrape off the grates of your expensive Webb BBQ.
Fortunately, it's very simple to just research a little and make sure you get the best BBQ brush.How delicate your grate is, how easy it is to damage and scratch, based on what material the grate is made.The most commonly used elastic material is stainless steel.
These grilles are very strong and resistant to rust and corrosion.On the other hand, the ceramic-covered grill is more delicate.The porcelain clothes are crispy, can be chip, can be cracked.
This not only reduces the non-stick ability of the grate, but also exposes the metal under the enamel to moisture.The cast iron grill is very hard, but must be kept oily in order to prevent rust.Many grill brushes are completely safe for most grills, but there is an obvious exception.
Never use a scraper on a grill!This will definitely cause you to break the porcelain glaze.On top of that, most brushes and most grilles are fine.The two most common materials used to make brush hair for barbecue grills are brass and stainless steel.
The brass is softer and therefore less likely to scratch the grille, but this softness also means that the bristles will flatten faster.Therefore, the brass grill brush needs to be replaced regularly.Stainless Steel Grill brushes are more tough due to their Harder bristles.
Still, this increased stiffness means that they sometimes scrape out the grate.That's why people often recommend brass grill brushes for porcelain glaze coated grills grates.So what brush should you use to clean the porcelain glaze coated grill grate?My suggestion is to choose a stainless steel grill brush that is thin enough to not cause damage.
It is generally believed that for grates coated with porcelain glaze, you can only use the brass bristled grill brush, which is not true.It is completely safe to use stainless steel grill brush.Since they will be used longer than the brass grill brushes, my suggestion is to choose one of them.
In this way, you can get a roast meat brush that will not only clean up your barbecue safely, but also last for a long time.In order for your BBQ brush to have more life, use it only when the grate is hot.This will make it easy to clean and allow you to use less pressure, which in the end means that your bristles will stay longer.
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