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BBQ Cooking Times Tips - How Long To Grill Everything


BBQ Cooking Times Tips - How Long To Grill Everything

The quality of barbecued food is affected by factors such as the length of time, the control of the temperature, the choice of barbecue equipment and even the environment at that time. 

To achieve the best barbecue effect, the above factors cannot be ignored, especially the control of the barbecue time and heat is the key.

In general, the indirect grilling method takes longer than the direct grilling method.


BBQ Time & Heat Control of Food: 

  • ◪  Beef patties, medium heat, seven mature 7-10 min, fully cooked 10-15 min

  • ◪  Steak (half inch thick), 5 mature for 3-6 min, 7 mature for 6-9 min, fully cooked for 9-12 min

  • ◪  Ham meat (half an inch thick), high heat, 12-15 min

  • ◪  Lamb chops (half an inch thick), medium heat, 6-12 min

  • ◪  Whole chicken (2-3 pounds), low heat, 1 hour 15-30 min

  • ◪  Potatoes (whole), low heat, 50-60 min

  • ◪  Onions (whole), low heat, 45 min

  • ◪  Tomatoes (half), medium heat, 30-40 min

  • ◪  Corn (whole), low heat, 35-45 min

  • ◪  Mushrooms, medium heat, 15-20 min

           **Remarks: 1 lb = 0.454 kg**

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In the process of frying and grilling, eggs, meat, etc., will produce many biologically active decomposition products such as cholesterol oxides, and the crispy part contains strong carcinogens such as 3.4 benzopyrene. These products have great cytotoxic effects and are harmful to Women's ovaries, breasts, uterus and other tissues are particularly affinity, and can easily become catalysts for inducing cancer. Of course, the carcinogenic effect on men cannot be underestimated.

American scientists have found that women who often eat fried and barbecued eggs and meat will increase the risk of cancer in women. For example, those who eat once every 2 days than once every week will suffer from ovarian cancer, breast cancer and cervix. Cancer is 3 times higher, and the incidence rate is 5 times higher than that of those who take it once a month.

Therefore, in daily life, we should eat less fast foods such as fried and barbecued meat and eggs, reasonable nutrition, and increase the intake of  vegetables, fruits and whole grains. This is the key measure and guarantee to prevent and reduce the occurrence of modern diseases such as cancer and maintain health.

Of course, occasionally eating fried barbecued food once or twice is not enough to cause illness. The danger is to use it as a regular work meal and a daily meal.

The article is contributed by Longzhao which has been engaged in bbq burner industry for many years, should you have any doubt weighing on your mind, welcome to reach us.

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