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Factory Price for All Kinds of BBQ Grills Available.


There are several varieties of grills, all with different mechanisms of operations. Some of the available barbecue grills available in the market can either be; Electric, Gas fueled, charcoal or wood pellet-fueled grills. The mechanism used in heating is different all to serve different people taste and preference. However, charcoal and gas are mostly used Barbecue grills. Gas furled grills use mostly propane or butane as a fuel for cooking food while charcoal used carbon compounds in nature for its processes.

 Understanding how barbecue works are essential in getting to choose the best grill for your food fitting your preference and locations. Buying a new outdoor or indoor grill various factors may be considered to ensure its efficiency. If it is an outdoor barbecue grill, then a choice between charcoal barbecue and Gas barbecue grills are much preferred. Why? Since they are portable and their source of energy can be easily applied.

When it comes to indoor barbecue activities, then an electric could blend well since electricity is it’s adequate. Wood pellet barbecue and charcoal too can be of great use. However, each has its advantages and demerits when it comes to operation and the source of energy. The mechanism used also can define food taste due to components of the energy used. Keeping your food to that taste then getting to have the best is always a decision so important.

All barbecues have different prices all due to the complexity of features, dimensions, and the type of barbecue grill it is. In this article today, we seek to find the best barbecue grills for you and their market prices to ensure your purchasing power and cost estimation. Let’s look at them depending on the classes they fall in:

Charcoal Barbecue Grills.

This type of barbecue is powered by briquettes or lumps of charcoal to ignite. Charcoal barbecue grills are one of the most common grills used by people for their activities. It is well known for preserving the taste of the food and giving it its natural flavour. As the technology has well improved, it has led to various types of charcoal barbecue all tired with the same objective. Smokeless barbecues, infrared charcoal barbecues are some of the newly enhanced types of grills produced al to meet industrial and customer needs effectively.

  While using this grill is always advisable to use the same size of charcoal briquettes, same burning rate, and heat creation to retain foods original taste. By using some of the charcoal with high heat, production can cause consequent problems to the barbecue grill too. Charcoal barbecue grills come in different shapes and different designs. Some of the categories are:

a.  Braziers

These are inexpensive and are homemade charcoal grills made of wire and with thin sheet layers of metal. This type of grill has no vents or air flow system as other barbecue grills reason being that it is open in nature on the top. It was invented in the 1950s, and its operation is impressive till now. To understand and know the pricing of some of these charcoal barbecue grills then let’s have a look to some of the grill cost at a market in real time. 

Charcoal barbecue grills are one of the most expensive barbecue grills from the factory as compared to the rest. They come in different provisions with portable or non-portable all under consumer preference. While simple charcoal braziers can go for a few bucks at $39 to $100 from the manufacturers. The higher the price, the higher the charcoal barbecue sophistication level it is. Other cheap charcoal barbecue grills include 18barren round simple charcoal BBQ grill, Trolley Charcoal BBQ grill garden heating smoker manufactured by Longzhao BBQ grill.

Charcoal barbecue grills come at all levels of complexity. Some of these technologies and models include barbecue kettle design grills. All perfectly designed with the impression of the manufactures and they are expensive when bought. Why is the series expensive? Because of its versatility with high ash removal, great unique features, and ease of use. 

Charcoal barbecue grills are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities with great dynamic features. Having the best quality of charcoal barbecue is advisable since most of the unworthy barbecue grill may cause health problems for the type of charcoal used. Choose the best charcoal briquettes to use not to char your steak and foods. Get to know the best supplier and check for various certification and quality.

Gas Barbecue Grills

Gas barbecue grills use natural gas energy in providing heat. Natural gas used can be either propane or butane a liquefied petroleum gas. When it is ignited, the flames give heat to cook the food or barbecue foodstuffs. Gas grills can be found in different shapes, sizes ranging from small, single streak up to large streak and also industrialized restaurant grills. Different level of ignitions depends on the type of barbecue grill you are using. Some can be automatically ignited while others require regulator valves to complete the combustion.

What fascinating about gas barbecue grills is that they are portable in such that you can wheel the gas tanks and can support side tables and few compartments. They are great for their ease in controlling heat while operating. Since most come with adjustable burner knob. Some of Gas barbecue burner in the market to help us estimate the factory prices are:

  LPG gas Barbecue grill side burner garden patio from Long Zhao industries.

  Tabletop 3 burner propane gas BBQ grills with Hood.

A recent trend has been seen where the gas barbecue grills have incorporated the infrared technology mostly usable with a horizontal rotisserie. Most of these infrared gas barbecue grill is used extensively in large restaurants and events for their convenience. Apart from that, Flattop grill has gained recognition among many for its ability to cook foods on a griddle like surface with no open flames. Some of the flattop grills cost averagely at factory price, and their use can range from households and small restaurants too. An example being Tabletop 3 burner propane gas BBQ grills with Hood manufactured by Long Zhao industries. Additionally, other brands are expensive.

 Prices of gas barbecue grill depend on the series and level of expertise and technology used in manufacture. The more complex a gas barbecue grill is then sure the cost is higher. Gas barbecue grills are expensive due to their complex mechanisms in design and manufacture. Above it all, you have added price on buying gas tanks and other compartments.

Electric Barbecue Grills.

An electric grill uses electricity as its heat source. It can either used in an outdoor or indoor setting by just plugging into a power source. It is one of the efficient types of barbecue grill; Electric barbeque grills are safe, better, and good for health too; however, when faulty can lead to electrical shocks and ay harm the user. Electric barbecue grill has no open flames making it the most preferred type of barbecue grill over gas and charcoal barbecue grills.

Some of these grills come in different designs from different manufacturers all tiered in providing consumers with unforgettable barbecue experience. Using an Electric barbecue grill is not complicated and does not need a lot when it comes in regulating heat and monitoring food or steak. Some of the best electric grills are tiered to meet specific demands in the catering industry, and their use is well renowned.

These type of grills come with the additional cost such as plugs and consumption of electricity. When buying such kind of grills, it is necessary to consider various variables such as power consumption rate, the capacity of grills, and the ease in use. Why? Because Electric barbecue grills are one of the barbecue grills with complex mechanisms and may take much space. Provided that you have enough power, then they are the best when it comes to a fast food restaurant setting. Its efficiency is impressive, and its designs are attractive.

Electric barbecue grills are versatile grills and while buying them one should consider the following variables such as; Size is it designed for two or one persons, secondly, is it an indoor or an outdoor electric grill. Thirdly, how well can you monitor high heat wattage and control temperatures effectively? Lastly, the cost of a barbecue grill. Always get an electric griddle that fits your taste and demands and away have proper maintenance to diminish electrical risks.

Wood Pellet Barbecue Grills.

Wood pellet barbecue grills are the most efficient grills and most economical. It uses wood as a form of fuel to produce heat. Wood pellet barbecues use 100% hardwood for its processes. It is equipped with a pellet grill. Choosing the right wood pellet barbecue grill is always hard for one has to determine the smokeless pellets to use. However, currently, manufacturers are providing wood pellets in the market for this too.

Pellet choosing is essential depending on the wood pellet barbecue you are using so that it can naturally keep the food to its original taste. With this type of barbecue grill, one can use flavoured blends. Regulating wood pellet barbecue heat solely depends on the pellets you use. They are cheaper compared to other grills such as charcoal and electric barbecue grills. They are averagely sold in the market with many sales.

These type of grills are not common but an excellent choice for your outdoor activities. You can get to choose the dimensions and designs and how portability it can be. It is also important to note that you should not use ordinary wood pieces in making heat for your food. The exclusive manufacturer made wood pellets are available for use. They are designed to meet different heating power, flavours, and produce no smoke while burning. Smoke is a turn off to many and poses health issues when produced. They are much available too at the factories at a low price, always ask for the right pellets.

Wood pellet barbecue grills are not much expensive but as the technology gets incorporated the prices rise. Additionally, while buying this type of barbecue grill, one should be conscious about smoke emission since if smoke is not efficiently removed the taste of the stake or food will not be the same again. Ensure quality always.

Stainless steel Barbecue Grills

Apart from being fueled by gas, its technology is impressive by the use of grills made of stainless steel that is great when it comes in washing and maintenance for its inability to rust. These type of barbecue grills are built to last and serve its purpose extensively. They are expensive due to this but still worth a look. Since they are of superior quality, they are blended to help multi-variety functions such some can be of direct heat and infrared.

They give the flexibility of cooking in all sectors such as baking, broiling, and sear while also warming on the side stainless steel side burner. They consist too of removable stainless steel and master grills that have an ideal control of the heat. To know at what favourable price to get one in the market, we check for some cost estimates of a few of them:

  Stainless steel cooking plate table top gas Plancha BBQ grill

The price of any stainless steel barbecue grill depends on the type of heating source used and that what makes the variation. Stainless steel barbecue grills are best to ensure a piece of long-lasting equipment that will serve your consumer interests wholly. Stainless steel is a technology aiming to provide users with a conscious safety of quality. They are the best barbecue grills over standard metal grills and much durable with time. 

The preference of stainless steel has grown over time and its incorporation on all barbecue grills whether charcoal, electric, gas barbecue grill its use is magnificent and impressive over a regular barbecue grill. A steak over stainless steel is much better than on other metals such as aluminium and iron. They are easy to wash and mostly cut across all setting from in-house to outdoor to events name them.


Barbecue forms an excellent integration in our lives today in terms of how we prepare our foods and steaks. Barbecue grills are improvising in to adopt new technology over time to suit our unquenchable thirst of preference. Understanding how each barbecue grill works is much essential in determining the best barbecue grills. While choosing for the best grill to suit your demand there various takeaway points, you need to make it possible.

Cost is a thing to consider. Buying is not just because you have high affinity to that barbecue grill, but how well you can afford it becomes more critical. With the rough figures provided above, one can be able to determine which barbecue grill suits his demand. Is it charcoal, electric, gas, or a wood pellet barbecue grill? Secondly, the nature of heat source is much essential to ensure that your steak or food preserves its natural taste, and it is not contaminated in any way at all.

It is always best of interest to determine the activity of a barbecue grill. Is it an outdoor or indoor grill type will provide you with the required results effectively? Space is another issue; you cannot go buying a larger barbecue grill for a smaller kitchen or wherever you want to put. Lastly, one should also consider the capacity and how secure or how well you can control heat temperatures effectively. However, the most prominent players in the industry are gas and charcoal barbecue grills. However, when it comes to commercial or industrial production, then electric barbecue grills rules. Summer is here get yourself a barbecue grill and let’s roll out.

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