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How to Choose Heavy Duty BBQ Grills?


Do you love throwing food parties outdoors? Are you planning to add a style statement to your outdoor cooking tenure? If yes, consider heavy duty BBQ grills. Such a grill will allow you to prepare meals for a good number of people in a short time frame. Whether you love veggies or grilled meat, you can cook a wide variety using this useful piece of equipment. However, the key rests in picking an ideal grill. Here’s a simple guide that may help you bag the right equipment.
Tips to buy heavy duty BBQ grills
Many people get carried while buying this handy cooking equipment. Unluckily, most of these shoppers regret their decision later. Remember, you’re not just buying a grill. You’re choosing equipment to make memorable meals for your family and friends. The choice of the wrong equipment can lead to a nightmarish experience. In worst cases, you might end up catching the food or someone on fire. To avoid any such incident, choose the right BBQ grill in view of the following parameters.
  • First of all, you may want to decide between a charcoal or a gas grill. It all depends on your personal preferences. Some experts endorse charcoal grills. On the flip side, an equal number of people back heavy duty BBQ grills that run on gas. According to some food enthusiasts, it’s better to buy two grills - one gas grill and one charcoal grill. A charcoal grill is ideal for weekends, whereas a gas grill is perfect for weeknights. However, there are no hard and fast rules. The choice is all yours.

Necessary features

You’ll find grills with a multitude of features. At the same time, you’ll come across models that come with simple features. Although a grill with the latest features might be a better bet, all shoppers may not need most of such features. It’s advised to check some basic features. 

A built-in-thermostat: Grilling is all about wood, temperature, and meat or items that you’re cooking. Having a thermostat is imperative so that you can read and adjust the internal temperature of the grill.

  • Shelves: Sturdy shelves are perfect for holding meat or other items. They hold cooking items before they go on the grill. Look for heavy duty BBQ grills that include strong shelving.

    A grill cover: A good-quality cover will protect the grill from damages. Additionally, it’ll cover your food from outdoor elements.

    Burners: Burners are the engines of a grill. Look for grills that have burners with a minimum of 12,000 BTU (British thermal units).

    Cooking space: Many shoppers overlook this important point. However, not having an adequate cooking space could keep you from preparing enough meals properly. So, be wary of this feature and check grills that provide enough cooking space.

  • Some grills are fragile and break over time. Check the construction quality of grills in consideration. Focus on models that can last longer without posing issues. While such models might be a bit expensive, the high price is worth the longevity you get to enjoy for years.

  • Of course, you want to buy a model that’s backed by some assurance. So, check the warranty of grills. Warranties will let you fix repairs and workmanship defects in heavy duty BBQ grills without paying a single penny. If a particular grill isn’t backed by any warranty, you’re better off checking other models.


Price is a parameter that can motivate you to buy or stay clear of the grill. However, don’t base your purchase decision on price only. Rather, compare multiple grills in accordance with their quality, price, features, and warranty in great detail. Finally, choose the best quality grill that comes at a modest price with a solid warranty.

Bottom line

Buying heavy duty BBQ grills isn’t an easy chore. A lot of things go into choosing the right piece of equipment. However, you can do away with all such issues by checking a handy buying guide. Follow the above tips when looking for a BBQ grill and you could find an ideal match for throwing parties in your backyard or outdoors.

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