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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-01-15
Han Lixuan barbecue joining fee more 2017-01-06 17:10:10 Source: Global franchise network has 543 people participating in the global franchise network barbecue Business scope: number of barbecue accessories stores: 500 single store investment: 20~500,000 & #xe64f;View franchise informationCorporate has been filedEnterprise has been certified Dealing with red envelope Han Lixuan barbecue believes that everyone is no stranger, in the cities we live in, almost all can go to Han Lixuan barbecue is the advanced brand of self-service barbecue. Han Lixuan has been accepted and sought after by everyone since its listing. People like this independent and unique food and beverage brand. Many people have taken a fancy to the development prospects of Han Lixuan barbecue. I really want to have a thorough understanding of it. Today, we will focus on the introduction fee of Hanlixuan barbecue. To understand the problem of Hanlixuan barbecue franchise fee, first of all, let us know the history of Hanlixuan barbecue. Han Lixuan barbecue accessories belongs to Beijing Hanlixuan Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. The company has only developed so fast because it has subverted the traditional barbecue operation mode and will make the barbecue supermarket, people can choose. Its joining fee is about 5-10 million yuan. Of course, this is only a brand franchise fee. In the later store decoration, the purchase of raw materials requires capital investment. After learning about the Hanlixuan barbecue joining fee, let's take a look at his joining process. The first is to sign the intention to join the agreement, after which the headquarters has a special person to analyze the location of the new store, all conditions can be signed after joining the contract. After that, the franchisee can lead the decoration team to carry out training in the company, and the headquarters will send a special person to the store to provide you with assistance in the decoration matters. After you start business, the company will also supervise and guide your operations. The above is about the introduction of Hanlixuan barbecue joining fee. If you are interested in the development prospects of our company and have a certain fund base, you can get in touch with us and apply for your joining intention. We will provide you with professional attitude and warm service. We hope that you can realize your entrepreneurial ideal through Hanlixuan barbecue. We also hope that Hanlixuan barbecue accessories can develop better with your support.
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