How much does it cost to join a brazier barbecue?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-01-13
Brazier barbecue joins how much more 2018-01-19 13:12:22 Source: Global franchise network has 847 people participate in the global network Xichang brazier barbecue Business scope: number of snack stores: 150 single store investment amount: 1~5 Wan  view joining information  enterprise has filed  enterprise has been certified  the transaction led the red envelope barbecue market has given birth to unlimited business opportunities, can make many investors' desire to create wealth, by strength The project was reached. As one of the types of food that people love to eat, the sales of the brazier barbecue accessories market is extremely large, and investors can see the beautiful “money” on the basis of sufficient customers. But if you want to join the brazier barbecue project smoothly, you need to know in advance how much money you need to join the brazier barbecue, and do a good job in cost budgeting. This article will give an introduction to the cost of the stringed brazier barbecue in the market. In-depth understanding of how much money to join the brazier barbecue will help you prepare for the fund in the early stage of joining, and avoid the trouble caused by insufficient funds. The hand-made brazier barbecue is a well-known brand. The franchise stores can be seen in different grades of cities, and the investment cost has a certain change. Take the franchise stores in the first-tier cities as an example, the operating area can be 500m2, the monthly rent is only 110,000 yuan, and the renovation cost is 700 yuan per square meter, which is a relatively large expenditure. In addition, the equipment cost of 300,000 yuan, the initial raw material fee of 80,000 yuan, the advertising and publicity fee of 30,000 yuan, and the opening fee of 20,000 yuan must also be calculated within the cost of opening the brazier barbecue franchise store. . After the opening of the store, a monthly salary of 45,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan of water and electricity miscellaneous fees will be generated. In order to cope with the unexpected needs, there will be 470,000 yuan of working capital to be used. When the expenses are combined, the total investment is about 1.41 million yuan, which requires investors to have certain economic strength. The above questions about how much money to join the brazier barbecue are given. If you want to be a partner of a hand-fired barbecue, you can use the data in the text as a reference for the cost budget, but it cannot be compared with the actual cost. Hand-cranked brazier barbecue is in the midst of a hot development. The sooner you join, the sooner you can earn money. If you are interested in starting a business, don't miss this good business opportunity.
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