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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-01-14
How much does the brazier barbecue join? More 2018-02-15 16:56:03 Source: Global franchise network has 920 people to participate in the global network of barbecue business scope: number of barbecue accessories stores: 409 single store investment: 20~500,000 & #xe64f; view joining information  Enterprise has filed  Enterprise has been certified  Dealing with red envelope barbecue has always been a favorite food for men, women and children, but in people's minds, it seems that barbecue has always been a street stall, it is difficult to wait Yazhitang's delicious, but the flame mountain brazier barbecue is not the same, it breaks people's inertia thinking, and makes the barbecue become fashionable and elegant. This new barbecue method not only makes consumers feel new, but also gives A lot of entrepreneurial franchisees have new entrepreneurial opportunities. So how much does it cost to join the flame mountain brazier barbecue? Xiaobian takes you to understand the basic situation of the initial fee. The flame mountain brazier barbecue is actually changing the way people eat barbecues and the environment. From the original spot to the current point, it is a barbecue and taste delicious. This not only brings consumers a barbecue, but also gives consumers a healthy and delicious taste, no longer worry about whether it is safe, and the taste can be added according to their own requirements. Consumers don't have to worry about smog, and the flame mountain brazier barbecue uses smokeless barbecue accessories to let consumers experience the fun of barbecue in a clean and elegant environment and feel the charm of barbecue. Joining the Flame Mountain Brazier Grill requires 50,000 yuan to purchase shelves, pots and furnaces designed with a unique secondary air intake suction port. The store can be renovated according to the current situation of the entrepreneur's funds. Generally, there are ordinary shops and fine shops. The repair shop, the flagship store three joining modes, the general store needs about 50,000 yuan of renovation costs, the intensive shop needs about 100,000 yuan of renovation costs, and the flagship store needs about 150,000 yuan of renovation costs, different decoration modes have Different environmental experiences give entrepreneurs more choices. Flame Mountain Brazier Grill This emerging barbecue method has broad prospects. Based on the original national characteristics, it constantly improves and innovates. The meat of the dishes is fresh and pollution-free materials. Consumers look at the fresh and juicy shelves at high temperatures. It is a paradise for consumers to enjoy meat eating. How much does it cost to join the brazier barbecue? For the entrepreneurs, choose the funds to join according to the current situation of the funds, so that the competition is more humane. The barbecue is hot all year round, the joining fee is not a matter, the flame mountain barbecue, let you earn the sky.
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