How much is Beijing Tiemuzhen self-service barbecue joining fee?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-01-11
Beijing Tiemuzhen buffet barbecue joining fee how much more 2017-01-19 15:22:24 Source: Global joining network has 2089 people participate in the global joining network barbecue Business scope: number of barbecue stores: 500 single store investment amount: 20 ~500,000View franchise informationCorporate has been filedEnterprise has been certified Dealing with red envelopes With the rapid development of the catering industry, barbecue has always dominated the catering industry. Especially for self-service barbecue, investment and franchisees have turned their eyes to this place, hoping to join the buffet barbecue to make a profit, especially Beijing Tiemuzhen self-service barbecue accessories is outstanding, then, Beijing Tiemuzhen self-service barbecue join basic How is it going? How much is the Beijing Tiemuzhen self-service barbecue joining fee? This is a question for many people. Today, Xiao Bian is here for everyone to explain in detail: The basic situation of Beijing Tiemuzhen self-service barbecue, Xiaobian explained to everyone: Since ancient times, the feeling of barbecue is 'can not be boarded The elegant hall of the big beard, but the long beard of the traditional beard is full of unique charm, and constantly develops a variety of barbecue accessories delicious, dedicated to creating a tasteful restaurant. Stride to the high-grade dining, attract those who dare to innovate, pursue achievements, and lead the trend to experience the true classic barbecue. Consumers and franchisees are optimistic. How much is the Beijing Tiemuzhen self-service barbecue joining fee? It consists of the following factors: the right to use the brand. Each successful franchisee has the right to use the brand and the right to operate the product, enjoying the huge benefits of the brand. Image use rights: The use of a unified VI image design and store decoration design style, to achieve a national store image is integrated. Regional protection rights: According to the actual situation of the regional market, the implementation of the principle of quota development franchise stores, strict implementation of the business circle protection policy. Priority agency rights: Under the same conditions, the franchise stores that are opened in advance have the right to buy out the right to operate or to operate the regional agency. New product upgrade right: Free professional service support for new products, new flavors, new processes and new equipment upgrades for franchisees. Full support: Free website evaluation, opening guidance, marketing plan, personnel training, etc., follow-up supervision, and full assistance. How much is the Beijing Tiemuzhen self-service barbecue joining fee? Xiao Bian made a preliminary introduction to the content that everyone wants to know through this article. I hope that I can help everyone who wants to join. If there are other people who want to know and understand, you can also call the joining phone at any time to facilitate contact. The joining number is 400-111-2221.
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