How to eat healthy barbecue in summer

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-05-05

But the barbecue accessories has traditionally been slammed by various reports. Because people talk about cancer, and do not ask the barbecue to think that the barbecue is carcinogenic, and then think that barbecue has no harm to human health. In fact, barbecue is the oldest cooking and eating style of human beings. The beginning of human civilization begins with barbecue food. Dr. Xie Yanli, director of the Department of Food Quality and Safety at Henan University of Technology, believes that as long as the quality of the raw materials is guaranteed, but the seasonings are more, and the barbecue method is proper, the damage to human health caused by self-service barbecue is not as terrible as the legend.

More than two: less vegetables, more fish, less frozen, less seafood

In the choice of food raw materials, 'fresh' is the highest law that barbecues should adhere to, and then the principle of 'two more, two less' can be considered. First, choose vegetables and fruits as much as possible, such as potatoes, bananas, lotus roots, and grill them. There is a choice of fresh ingredients and low-fat ingredients, such as fresh mutton and live fish. Live fish and lamb are relatively lower in fat content than chicken legs. For example, a chicken wing, the heat is mostly around 200 calories, after eating three barbecues, it takes 600 calories, which is equivalent to eating two bowls of rice. Therefore, if you want to taste the roast chicken flavor, you can choose chicken or chicken to replace the chicken wings or chicken legs. The chicken head is small, the heat is naturally less, and the barbecue is fun. The principle of “two less” is to choose less frozen foods for a long time, and secondly to choose less seafood and processed meat products. The bacon stored in the house should not be used for barbecue. The bacon has less water content, and the barbecue is easy to be anxious. The nitrite contained in the bacon is dried and baked, which is more harmful to the human body. Frozen sausages, fish balls, etc., which contain pigments, food additives and various seasonings, are not suitable for barbecue. All seasonings needed for grilled foods are best baked now. In addition, many people like barbecue accessories squid, scallops, etc. In fact, seafood barbecues should not be eaten more, not only because seafood products have been frozen, but some have been treated with anti-corrosion treatment, not fresh ingredients, and seafood is sorghum food, eat more It is easy to form gout.

Raw materials are marinated in sauces in advance

Insiders pointed out that before barbecue, soaking meat and fish with a special barbecue accessories sauce is a good way to enhance health protection. The finished barbecue sauce is brightly colored and contains lemon juice, ketchup and garlic juice. These acidic and reducing substances have certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. They also rise on the surface of fresh meat. To protect, hinder the formation of carcinogens; secondly, the barbecue sauce contains starch, sugar and other ingredients, they are attached to the surface of fresh meat, first absorb the heat of charcoal fire during barbecue, can protect the middle of the meat will not suddenly High temperature and anxious. At the same time, in order to maintain the bright color of the barbecue sauce, people will consciously make the fire not too big when grilling, and constantly flip over, so as not to overheat the food locally, thus reducing the chance of carcinogen production. sauce can also be prepared by yourself: garlic simmered juice, add ginger powder, lemon juice, tomato sauce, starch, cooking wine, and a small amount of salt, sugar and so on, simple and natural.

Slowly grilled, tin foil bag

Don't be too hot when grilling, simmer on low heat, or wrap it in tin foil outside the meat. Since meat is directly burned at high temperatures, the decomposed fat is dripped on the charcoal fire, and it is inevitable to generate smoke. The fat and protein are directly burned, and carcinogens such as benzopyrene are produced, which adhere to the food and cause damage to the human body after consumption. harm. Therefore, the small fire slowly roasts, the fat decomposes slowly, and does not drip too much on the fire to produce a lot of smoke. In addition, you can try to wrap the food in tin foil and then charcoal BBQ grill it. The fat can not be dripped out, and the chance of carcinogens is greatly reduced.

Spread salt evenly, let cool and eat again

Oil and salt are easy to put on the charcoal BBQ grill. Some people are afraid of food drying when they are grilling, and they will continue to apply oil to them. Spread the salt evenly, and accidentally put it more easily. In fact, no matter what food is grilled, it is enough to smear the oil up to two times. Use a small brush to spread the oil evenly. Mix salt, pepper, sesame, chicken, etc., and increase the proportion of sesame. Spread it on the surface before baking. This naturally reduces the amount of salt and chicken. Another method is to marinate fish, meat with salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, chopped green onion, ginger, etc. half an hour in advance, and there is no need to put salt when grilling.

After the barbecue is cooked, put it and let it go. When friends get together, they often get caught up after cooking a batch of food, especially if they have more children. However, keep in mind that eating too hot food will not only damage the mucous membranes in the esophagus, but also cause burns in the mouth, and it will stimulate mucosal hyperplasia, leaving scars and inflammation. It may cause malignant lesions for a long time. Some experts believe that the occurrence of some esophageal cancer may be directly related to hot food. Hot eating habits also destroy the taste buds of the tongue and affect the taste nerves of the human.

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