How to make a barbecue is delicious.

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-05-06

How to grill the family barbecue? It’s delicious when you have a holiday at home. You suddenly want to have a barbecue, so you can start your own barbecue. Here, remind you that the barbecue is not just a barbecue. When cooking, pay attention to the heat of the barbecue, materials, etc. How to grill the family barbecue is delicious, take a look at the barbecue I made at home.

1. Different ingredients, different baking methods

Slices of meat: Thin slices of meat can be cooked in about 3 minutes. It should not be baked for too long. Otherwise, if the meat becomes hard or burnt, it will not taste good. Pork must be cooked until it is fully cooked before it can be eaten. Beef should not be roasted until it is fully cooked. Otherwise it will destroy the tenderness of the meat.

Seafood and fish: When the clams and fillets are grilled, it is best to wrap them in tin foil, which is not easy to scorch the skin, and it is easy to store delicious soup. for about 2 to 3 minutes, the fish fillets are raised and ready to eat.

Sweet and not hot, hot dogs, sausages, etc.: Try to use small fires, in addition to vegetables, it is best to put them in a tin foil box and grill them in a smoldering way. The fire is as good as possible.

2. Use of charcoal

The best choice for fuel is charcoal. Try not to use chemical charcoal. The special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the aroma of grilled food when charcoal is hot. Therefore, choosing charcoal is the basis for enjoying delicious food. Good quality charcoal fires generally last a long time and the fire is good. It is best to choose the branches of charcoal. Do not use whole tubers, otherwise it will not be easy to point. At the time of ignition, a pack of fire For 5 capsules, put 5 capsules at a time. When the charcoal is to be burnt to the transparent red heat, spread it flat and roast. When the surface of the charcoal has not been burnt, do not rush to bake, so it is easy to stain and blacken the food.

3. Clean the grill

Before grilling the food, first apply a layer of oil on the grill to prevent the food from sticking to the rack. Always brush off the residue on the grill with an iron brush and keep the grill clean so that it does not affect the flavor of the food.

4. Turn over in time

As soon as the food is on the charcoal BBQ grill, turning it around will not only prolong the cooking time, but also destroy the protein and cause the meat to harden. When grilling food, the food must be heated to a certain extent to easily turn over. If after turning over, some food sticks to the grid, indicating that the protein has not been completely heated, and the hard pull will only tear the protein fiber. If it is fish, it will form peeling.

5. Replenish moisture

During the barbecue accessories, the longer the time, the greater the loss of moisture and oil, and the more dry the mouthfeel. Therefore, during the barbecue process, you should brush some barbecue sauce on the food to keep the food moist, but be careful not to brush too much at one time, and the food is too salty.

6. Use of salt

Salt can be used for seasoning. In addition, during the roasting process, many fat-rich foods will drip after heating. These oil droplets will be burned by charcoal fire to produce a high flame, and the food on the grille is grilled. If it is sprayed with water, it will only produce soot-contaminated food. If you sprinkle some salt in the fire, you can solve the problem.

How to charcoal BBQ grill a family barbecue? Eat a healthy barbecue.

The first step is of course to know how to choose food. The second is the preparation of barbecue food, it is best to use instant purchase, if prepared in advance, to prevent meat deterioration, so as not to cause food poisoning. If you buy chicken wings, ribs, prawns, oysters and squid every other day, you should first wash the cut pieces, wrap them in plastic wrap, and then seal them in the refrigerator with plastic bags.

How to charcoal BBQ grill the family barbecue is delicious? The choice and cleaning of the barbecue fork. The home barbecue can be made with a simple fork, and the automatic barbecue machine can make the food fork fast and flexible. Fork tools are generally made of iron, but do not use electroplated iron (such as old bicycle steel wire). Because electroplating is mostly chrome-plated, metallic chromium is a toxic metal. Long-term exposure to chromium can cause headache, weight loss, digestive disorders, anemia, and the like. How to grill the family barbecue is delicious? During the barbecue process, chromium and its oxides can contaminate the meat, which has great harm to the human body. Pay special attention when using and purchasing.

How to grill the family barbecue is delicious. Just after the charcoal fire is born, the toxic smoke content of the first fire is very high! It is not suitable for baking food. It is recommended to use the initial fire to heat the animal oil to be used. After ten minutes of charcoal fire, it is prosperous. Fire, fire is very strong, but the duration is short, generally 20--30 minutes, suitable for roasting foods with large moisture content, such as: baked tofu, glutinous rice bran, artichoke, small melon and so on. After the fire is open flame, even fire, long duration, can be baked any food, tail fire, weak fire, long duration, suitable for baking warm food requirements, such as: leeks, squid, sticky cake, raw slab , powder intestines, etc.

How to roast the family barbecue? meat should be cooked. When grilling, turn the fork repeatedly, so that the meat is evenly fired, and the meat should be cooked before it can be eaten. If you eat a half-baked barbecue containing live Trichinella cysts, such as pork, lamb, etc., can cause trichinosis, the disease often occurs 1 to 2 weeks after eating, mainly fever, body muscle pain, eyelids and lower limbs Puffiness and so on. So pay attention when grilling!!

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