Jinnuolang Korean barbecue restaurant to join us to join the advantage |

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-01-19

Longzhao accurately grasp the current economic development trend of the barbecue industry in the Chinese food and beverage market, and timely propose a business philosophy that advocates the automation, high quality and high quality of automation. Longzhao bbq grill barbecue accessories has many advantages. With strong brand, high-quality food, innovative operation mode and considerate after-sales service, the combination of Korean secret ingredients and Longzhao bbq grill barbecue food production concept is combined. To the market. Longzhao bbq grill barbecue has many advantages. It was founded in 2012. It is a large-scale company that operates across regions and industries. Longzhao barbecue is mainly engaged in two types of Korean charcoal fire roasting. Based on the experience of R&D of catering consulting and operation management, Longzhao. Catering Management Headquarters will surely win the recognition of the market and consumers. On the basis of inheriting the essence of Chinese food culture, it will integrate Korean secret barbecue ingredients and barbecue production methods. The combination of catering and modern technology has developed into a banner for the Korean catering industry and will surely lead the way in the catering industry. Longzhao bbq grill barbecue has many advantages, Longzhao is a large-scale modern catering enterprise integrating brand operation, product development and marketing, marketing management technology training and resource management. Longzhao bbq grill barbecue has many advantages, and the group operation mode focuses on the innovative development of nutrition and healthy balanced diet, and has quickly become a pioneer in the barbecue industry. Companies adhering to the 'quality service clean and healthy' business philosophy, always adhere to the 'people-oriented', to create a more scientific and healthier and more in line with modern eating habits of the new style of enterprise spirit, bringing together talents, management excellence, service to the best, with a strong Capital and talent strength.
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Foshan Longzhao Industry Co., Ltd., to be the world leader in products, services and solutions that enable and transform the way consumers and businesses gather, manage, distribute and communicate information.
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