Precautions when purchasing smokeless barbecue equipment

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-04-30

Nowadays, more and more people pay great attention to the safety of food in their daily diet. Although barbecue is a very delicious food suitable for both the north and the south, many people still use it for barbecue accessories. Sex, while choosing to avoid the barbecue. There are basically two reasons for the damage to the body of the barbecue. On the one hand, teratogenic carcinogens are produced in reliable meat products. On the other hand, the oil content in the barbecue is relatively high, and the burden on the body is relatively large. In order to reduce the damage that the barbecue causes to the human body in these two aspects, many manufacturers or shops will choose smokeless barbecue equipment.

Nowadays, many smokeless barbecue equipments do not use charcoal as fuel, but electric grilled barbecue, but the taste of electric grilling fans is very different from that of charcoal grilling. Many people do not like to eat electric grilled food. There are a lot of smoke-free barbecue equipment produced by many manufacturers. They still use charcoal as fuel, but they will be equipped with fume removal equipment during the barbecue accessories process. Therefore, when choosing a barbecue device that is not as good as smoke, be sure to pay attention to the specific barbecue method. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to the consumption grades that have been positioned in the past few days. If it is a self-service barbecue shop, it is best to test it on the computer first, because the time for preparing food by electric grilling is longer, and the self-service can be reduced. The amount of barbecue per customer.

If you are not a shop, it is best to choose a grilled barbecue. Compared with the general electric grilling barbecue, the carbon grilling grille is better on the one hand, and the grilling speed on the other hand is faster. You can control the specific grilling speed by controlling the burning degree of charcoal. When choosing the relevant carbon-baked smoke-free barbecue equipment, you need to pay attention to many problems. Let's introduce these precautions.

First of all, when choosing a smoke-free barbecue, make sure that the equipment you purchase is a char-grilled barbecue. Because the cost of smokeless carbon baking equipment is higher than that of smokeless electric baking equipment, you must pay attention to it when choosing. In addition, you should also pay attention to the specific material of the relevant equipment when selecting. At present, most of the property barbecue equipment is made of stainless steel. Because the carbon grilling requires long-term high-temperature heating, if the anti-corrosion is not good, the material of the equipment is easily corroded, resulting in reduced equipment usage time. In addition, the appearance of the equipment will also affect the appearance of the equipment, especially for some open kitchen shops, we must ensure that the barbecue equipment can maintain a good state for a long time.

In addition, many barbecue equipment manufacturers nowadays, their smoke-free barbecue equipment is fully automated, which can reduce the labor waste in the barbecue process. For large barbecue shops, it is necessary to choose a fully automatic smokeless barbecue equipment, although the price of this barbecue equipment will be relatively high. Nowadays, when many manufacturers produce barbecue equipment, they will also customize according to the size of the equipment required by the store. If you want to listen to the barbecue equipment, the cycle may be longer, but you can make reasonable use of the space in the store to maximize the benefits. Chemical. If you just want to buy a family's barbecue equipment, there are definitely fewer factors to consider, but if you use it, you are recommended to use an electric oven charcoal BBQ grill. The electric grill is more suitable for indoor applications.

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