The barbecue shop named 'Shenyang Station' uncle went in to buy a ticket and looked at it.

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-05-04


There is a hotel in Tiexi District of Shenyang City called “Shenyang Station”. The decoration style here is very similar to that of Shenyang’s old railway station.

Grandpa Wang of Shenyang looked at him and entered the “Shenyang Station” to buy tickets... Unexpectedly, he was told that he only sold food and did not sell tickets. Uncle Wang looked blank: “The train station does not sell tickets for dinner?”

It turns out that the 'Shenyang Station' here is a barbecue shop, but it is no different from the train station. 'The shop, the stop sign, the hard seat and the bunk bed... everything is there.' After 80, the owner Liu said that he is in Shenyang. Going to college, marrying and having children, resigning and starting a business, 'Shenyang Station is the first building I came into contact with, and it has too deep feelings.'

In this regard, cultural scholars said that the name of the hotel and the train station is a misplaced cultural symbol, which can be changed to 'Fengtian Station', etc.; the lawyer said that the name of the hotel and the name of the railway station being used are allegedly infringing.

The guy opened the 'Shenyang Station' barbecue shop

At 12 o'clock noon yesterday, on a small road in Tiexi District, pedestrians came and went. Many people could not help but look at the 'Shenyang Station' on the roadside and the 'Shenyang-Harbin' stop sign next to it. Curious citizens still Walk in and see what happens.

When you enter the door, you have the feeling of being in the train station. 'The right hand side is an old-fashioned train. On the left side there are signs in front of the station, the post office and the small shop. On the left, there are hard-seat tables and bunk beds.' 'There is also a luggage rack on the hard seat with some suitcases on it; the bright kitchen is facing the door, and the black and white photo of the train is on the wall next to it.'

“Shenyang Station” is indeed not a train station, but also a barbecue shop.

Mr. Liu, the owner of the hotel, is in Fushun. He came to Shenyang more than 10 years ago. He then married and resigned in Shenyang. “The first time I came to Shenyang, I was sitting on a green leather train of 4.5 yuan. I saw the first one in Shenyang. The famous building is Shenyang Station. For more than 10 years, every time I came to Shenyang, I went to Shenyang Station. I have deep feelings with Shenyang.'

Yesterday, this shop was operating for exactly one month. 'People usually mistakenly think that the train station is coming to buy tickets, but more is to come to experience the environment here. There is a retired sergeant who came here to take a lot of photos, saying that she was The scene of the work is like this, too kind; there is a retired train driver who has been watching the old train for a long time and gave me a badge that he won in the past.'

The name of the hotel and the station are misunderstood

Cultural scholar Liu Tie believes that the hotel has a unique name that can sometimes attract a lot of customers, not only giving people a taste of enjoyment, but also giving people a feeling of lingering.

However, the name of the hotel and the important transportation hubs in use are easily misleading. The name of the hotel should be based on the name of the bus stop sign, the building, etc. The hotel should arouse the appetite of the customer. 'And the single word from the 'Shenyang Station' does not see what kind of cuisine, it is easy to reminiscent of the train. The box lunch.'

In Liu Tie's view, the main thing of a restaurant is to win customers by the quality of the food and the service of the staff. The name is not the most important.

In addition, Zhang Mingchun, director of Liaoning Mingxi Law Firm, believes that “Shenyang Station” is the name of a transportation hub. It has been recognized by the public for many years. The name of the hotel “Shenyang Station” is easy to misunderstand.

'The names on the plaques and signs must also meet some of the rules for the name.' Mr. Zhang suggested that the hotel be changed to another name.

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