The difference between a smokeless grill and a char-grilled taste

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-04-18

The traditional carbon roasting does not pay attention, it will cause the food to be scorched and turn black. It is really annoying, but people coveted the deliciousness of this carbon roasting and the awareness of environmental protection, so they invented Smokeless barbecue stoves, whether the barbecue accessories equipment is charcoal or automatic electric baking, meet the needs of the above two points. So what is the difference in taste?

1. When the smokeless barbecue grills food, it is heated at the same time inside and outside, so unlike the grilling fire of the traditional grill, it is difficult to control, and half of the eschar is often unfamiliar.

2, charcoal charcoal BBQ grill material uses mechanical charcoal, its solid wood charcoal is no smoke, but the charcoal grilled food oil will produce soot when it is lowered to charcoal, so the charcoal grille's soot needs to install the lower exhaust or the upper exhaust The system is discharged outside the kitchen through a purifier in the kitchen. The material of the automatic electric oven is powered by a volcanic stone heating plate and heated rapidly by a 3000W power supply, so that the food is baked in 4-5 minutes. There is a water tray at the bottom of the automatic electric oven. When the oil smoke falls below the water tray, it will not produce soot. Moreover, the automatic electric oven does not need to install the lower exhaust system, and it is plugged in and used. And the taste is indistinguishable.

3, smokeless barbecue charcoal BBQ grill to promote the original flavor, effectively maintain the moisture inside the food cells, the original flavor of the baked food, fresh and incomparable, far better than the taste of carbon roast, consumers can add less according to the taste of the barbecue or Without condiments, it reaches the realm of natural fragrance, and traditional barbecue equipment has to rely on a large number of various seasonings to make up the so-called 'heavy taste' in order to cover up the traces of smoke and smoke during the barbecue.

4, the barbecue process is clean, the product is hygienic, there is no ash and other debris attached, technically can ensure the appearance of yellowish, not crispy black spots, eat worry-free, let people completely say goodbye to the smoke-burning carbon grilling mode .

Smokeless grills and grilled meats are delicious, but the former are not ashes, so they are cleaner. And without losing the taste of traditional barbecue, why do you choose the former?

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